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We help organisations to plan, build and deploy winning intranets and websites

Why choose us?

We have been building SharePoint intranets and websites for 10 years. We have a proven track record and can provide solid references.

Our expert team combines SharePoint technology expertise with a deep understanding of what makes intranets successful.

We manage intranets for our clients. This means we get hands-on experience of live intranets in the field. We truly understand the challenges that intranets face.

We have developed a tried and tested methodology to ensure our intranets drive social and collaborative behaviour.

We have a dedicated and accomplished user experience team - our SharePoint solutions are always engaging, user-friendly and look striking. We do not simply treat them as IT implementations.

Our intranet consultants understand how to drive SharePoint user adoption. We will guide you in your project so that your site is a success from the start and delivers business value long into the future.

We are comfortable working with large corporates and small organisations alike. We are passionate and friendly and believe strongly in partnering with our clients to get the best outcomes for all.

Our management team

Dan Hawtrey Managing Director
Olga Sherbakova Operations Director
John Scott UX Director
Joe Perry Technical manager

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