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How to be an intranet video star (video)

In his Intranet Team 2017 presentation John Scott examines why intranet video has had a tough time catching on compared to web video. He explains why it’s all about to change and gives you tips and advice on how you can start to use video on your intranet.


How social intranets drive digital transformation

A sure sign that a business trend is gaining traction is when it finds its way into people’s job titles. Organisations large and small are starting to take digital transformation very seriously. Here we explore the role the intranet and its manager plays in DT.


Wizdom Conference 2017

If you’re considering Wizdom for your SharePoint intranet and want to find out what existing Wizdom customers think about it you should just ask them yourself! Come to the Wizdom Conference on 15th and 16th March 2017 which will be attended by 150-200 delegates many of whom will be Wizdom customers.

Intranet bots - a still from the film I, Robot

Why intranet bots could catch on fast

Intranet bots are likely to be the next big thing in intranets. Here are my three top reasons for why it won’t take long for the technology to catch on and why intranet managers should be dipping their toe in now.

Microsoft Teams - tool for choosing an emoji

Announcing Microsoft Teams (and the end of Yammer?)

Microsoft has just announced a major addition to the Office 365 digital workplace. It’s called Microsoft Teams. In a nutshell it provides a single place where teams can connect, chat, share and collaborate. But does it spell the end of Yammer?