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Planning your new Intranet – prototype testing

‘Design’ is much more than just how your intranet looks, it’s about how it works. Prototypes help stakeholders and end users understand and critique layout and interaction, helping us create an intranet that meets expectations.

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Planning your new intranet – defining information architecture (video)

The information architecture, how people navigate through the structure of your intranet, and how topics relate to one another, can make or break the usability of your intranet. By involving end-users in group and individual exercises you can discover what will work for people, and so meet users’ expectations with more intuitive navigation menus.

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Planning your new intranet – end user interviews (video)

We involve end users in the very early stages of the intranet project, because it’s vital that the intranet supports people’s work and meets their actual needs. We never ask “what should be on the intranet” – rather, we work to understand common and important tasks, what currently frustrates people, and what could improve productivity and satisfaction.

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How beautiful is your intranet?

Corporate websites are meticulously designed to evoke trust, retain attention, and to be easy to use. Intranets often lag behind such attention to detail.