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How to be an intranet video star (video)

In his Intranet Team 2017 presentation John Scott examines why intranet video has had a tough time catching on compared to web video. He explains why it’s all about to change and gives you tips and advice on how you can start to use video on your intranet.

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Planning your new intranet – defining information architecture (video)

The information architecture, how people navigate through the structure of your intranet, and how topics relate to one another, can make or break the usability of your intranet. By involving end-users in group and individual exercises you can discover what will work for people, and so meet users’ expectations with more intuitive navigation menus.

7 Tips for Writing Great Email Subject Lines

We send out a lot of newsletters for clients, as well as our own newsletter. There’s a lot to think about for each one – how many articles, what images to use, what’s on the banner – but the most important part of every newsletter is literally one of the smallest.

Writing out loud: how is my online voice?

One of the hardest things to get right with online content is tone. A lot of content – both on intranets and the internet – is written in a formal ‘company’ voice, thick with information and respectability. But should we let the court jester write our websites?