SharePoint development

We have been designing and building SharePoint intranets since 2007 and have worked with multiple versions of the software between WSS3 and SharePoint 2013. During this time much has changed, but fundamentally we still approach any project with the same mindset; we aim to use the out-of-the-box functionality as much as possible and only develop custom solutions if it is totally necessary. This makes sense: SharePoint is a powerful and comprehensive toolkit allowing configuration of sites structure, navigation, templates, content types, metadata, security permissions, workflows, version control and more. A deep knowledge of the SharePoint toolkit allows for skillful configuration and is all that's required for 95% of businesses.

Technical architecture planning

By harnessing out-of-the-box features, we cut down on development cost, improve the ease with which the platform can be upgraded, and increase your options for supporting the application. However, SharePoint is a high extensible toolkit, which can be built upon to achieve specific requirements.  Our SharePoint consultants are experienced in integrating SharePoint with other applications and creating custom solutions or apps, depending on your version of the platform.

Coding standards and quality output

We follow Microsoft best-practice guidance when coding solutions, but also strive to meet WCAG2 accessibility standards. Our scrum approach to projects means that code is reviewed iteratively throughout the development phase by dedicated QA resource and by the UX designer to ensure what's been specified is exactly what you get.

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