SharePoint mobile

Whether your intranet is cloud-based or on-premise, giving access to mobile users is likely to be high on your priority list.  But it’s not as simple as simply providing the technology that allows the access - the user experience is a vital component in getting the mobile experience right. We place a lot of emphasis on the user experience design process. Getting this right can make the difference between an engaging and highly usable intranet, and one that remains unadopted by employees.

For some tasks, a responsive version of a web page will provide a good experience for users on a smartphone or tablet. Believe it or not- you can make SharePoint responsive! However, in other cases – particularly where the interaction is fairly complex or needs to be extremely fast – a native app can often be a better delivery mechanism.

We work closely with organisations to take them from business need to targeted deployable solutions that can be downloaded by employees from on-premise or cloud-based app stores.

No project should start with the phrase ‘we want to build an app’. The first step should always be about articulating the business problem and the objective of the project. Focusing on the technology or delivery mechanism too early often results in a solution that nobody wants to use”

- John Scott, Production Director at Content Formula

SharePoint mobile

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