Get the LiveTiles Intelligent Intranet, the highest ranked* intranet for Teams, SharePoint and Office 365

*Evaluated by Gartner and Clearbox in 2020 against all the leading intranet-in-a-box products and rated best overall. Get the report.

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LiveTiles Intelligent Intranet
LiveTiles Intelligent Intranet
LiveTiles (formerly known as Wizdom) is a rich intranet framework for Modern SharePoint that integrates deeply across Office 365 and Microsoft Teams. It’s designed for companies that want the power to grow and improve their digital workplace quickly in an agile way, without developers or the big budgets associated with bespoke intranets.
Quick and easy

Quick to setup, easy to manage

Our team will help you set up LiveTiles fast and give you all the training you need. Once that’s done there’s plenty you can do by yourself without code to build out a powerful and engaging intranet.

Features and apps

Packed with features and apps that work right out of the box

LiveTiles includes all the features you can expect to see in a top intranet. You can pick and choose what you want but if you still need more you can build custom apps and widgets.

Engage and collaboration

Engage your people. Help them collaborate.

Built for the connected organisation, LiveTiles is a social and collaborative intranet. Your entire workforce can get involved using social tools similar to those they’ve grown used to on the web.

Mobile app for iOS and Android

Optional mobile app for iOS and Android

The LiveTiles Reach mobile app with push notifications makes it even easier to reach your workforce. You can also give it to front line workers who don’t have Office 365 accounts.

Microsoft Teams logo

LiveTiles for Teams

LiveTiles now includes a powerful Microsoft Teams module that allows companies to bring the intranet into Teams and the Teams mobile app. The module also provides tools for Teams governance.

  • Won several Intranet & Digital Workplace Awards by StepTwo
  • Gartner Cool Vendor
  • Won the Clearbox Intranet Choice awards
  • Voted the best Digital Workplace in 2019
  • Forrester - Wave 2020 Intranet platforms

Get all the features you’ll ever need

Integrates with Office 365
Social tools
Mobile app for iOS & Android
Rich news portal
Configure, don’t code
Microsoft Teams module
SharePoint Modern
People directory
Forms & workflows
Built-in governance
Policies & procedures with mandatory read
Custom branding
And lots, lots more…

LiveTiles in a nutshell explainer video


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Pricing model

LiveTiles pricing is based on the number of people in your organisation who will be using it. Your licence can scale up and down according to your needs. Licence pricing starts at 100 users and goes up to 500,000.

Replacing Jive with a global LiveTiles implementation for 50,000 staff

A truly global intranet serving the needs of all locations

LiveTiles intranet as a central hub for global communication and collaboration

Launching a global LiveTiles intranet to deliver a strong digital employee experience

Onboarding & set-up

Onboarding & set-up

LiveTiles is like intranet lego so you need to think about how you will set it up. There are three options to choose from:

Option 1

Accelerate – for companies that want a quick set up using LiveTiles’s most commonly requested features like news, people directory, department pages, project pages and more. Once your site is ready we train you so that you can tweak it and change it using the full power of LiveTiles. Accelerate is low cost and suits smaller organisations or those that want to start with an MVP (minimum viable product).

Option 2

Custom Setup – for companies that are not clear on exactly what they want from their intranet or who feel that they have complex needs. The setup project can be designed to suit your situation. Our UX team can run a discovery phase to understand requirements and then turn these into wireframes that can be circulated and iterated with stakeholders. Once signed off we can get on with building and branding your solution before handing it over with training.

Option 3

LiveTiles as a Framework – for companies that have an in-house development team and want LiveTiles as a framework so that they can build and iterate their intranet themselves. With this option we can install it, train you and handover the keys. Like all the others, this option can include support too, just in case.

Whichever option you choose, we can tailor it to suit your needs and provide as much training and support as you need. Get in touch with us and we can discuss what would work best for you.

Deployment options

Deployment options

LiveTiles runs as an add-in on SharePoint. It can be installed onto your on-premises SharePoint environment or SharePoint Online on Office 365 in the cloud. LiveTiles also works in hybrid scenarios where you might want both a cloud and an on-premises environment working together.

Our consultants will help you choose the option which is right for you and provide all the technical help and support to get your environment set up quickly and smoothly.

LiveTiles architecture

LiveTiles architecture

If you’re technical you’ll like this bit: LiveTiles is a seriously powerful tool. It has a SharePoint native architecture which means you can customize it in many different ways, all without breaking the upgrade path and within the SharePoint environment. It’s got its own broad set of APIs and the REST endpoints too. You can create custom SharePoint webparts, LiveTiles webparts, or use third party webparts like Nintex.

Ongoing support

Ongoing support

Depending on your own internal skills and resources you might want some ongoing help and support after launch. We have a set of flexible support packages from on-demand just-in-case support through to monthly managed support contracts. Please ask us for more information.

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