The ‘I need to…’ menu: simple and invaluable

Inspired by the simplity of implementing a menu of options that completes the sentence ‘I need to…’, we worked in partnership with our client to introduce this simple and intuitive tool to their intranet architecture as part of their wider internal communications strategy.
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Whats new in SharePoint 2010?

SharePoint 2010 is in beta testing, with a probable release date somewhere in Q4 this year. In the new release of the collaboration platform, emphasis seems to be placed on breaking out the roles of people involved in the production of a SharePoint intranet, and the access to resources as needed by people in those roles.

SharePoint 2010 looks to be the biggest update in the Microsoft Office family this year, as all communications so far indicate that other Office applications will only undergo minor tweaks.

So what are the big changes for SharePoint?

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Intranets and features of social networking: friend request pending

On one of our intranets, we developed custom functionality to enable employees to rate feature articles. The client stipulated that ratings should appear itemised beside the article with each employees name.

However, there was the possibility that this would discourage members of the organisation from providing feedback, given news of soaring unemployment all over the world due to cutbacks.

The fear that all employees engagement is visible across the internal network potentially leads an employee to ask themselves will my manager scrutinise my level of participation in my next appraisal?

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