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Wizdom intranet’s most popular feature: “news engine”

Perhaps the most requested feature in modern intranets is news. Wizdom Intranet’s Corporate News and Noticeboard News offers a powerful
and flexible solution to this request. See screenshots and get a round-up of all the features that make up news in Wizdom.

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How to be an intranet video star (video)

In his Intranet Team 2017 presentation John Scott examines why intranet video has had a tough time catching on compared to web video. He explains why it’s all about to change and gives you tips and advice on how you can start to use video on your intranet.

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Planning your new Intranet – prototype testing

‘Design’ is much more than just how your intranet looks, it’s about how it works. Prototypes help stakeholders and end users understand and critique layout and interaction, helping us create an intranet that meets expectations.