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How beautiful is your intranet?

Corporate websites are meticulously designed to evoke trust, retain attention, and to be easy to use. Intranets often lag behind such attention to detail.

Scrolling on web pages is good for you

It’s extremely common for a client to request that users should not have to scroll to see any content on their pages. But vertical scrolling can be a boon for good site design and usability.

Creating organisation charts for your intranet

It’s an almost universal requirement for corporate intranets to post organisational charts, but it can be pretty time consuming to maintain, especially if there are regular staff changes. In this article we suggest a few solutions available that can streamline this process.

Keep your intranet up-to-date with Dashboards

A common problem with intranet content is that it is often out of date or, just as importantly, it is perceived as being out of date by users. Keeping all that content up to date can be a challenge, especially if the intranet is low down on the list of responsibilities for content owners.