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Apple and orange

Align your internal and external communications

Marketing communications may seem wholly separate to internal communications, and in turn the marketing team may feel worlds apart from the internal communications team. Yet marketing campaigns are stronger and more authentic when employees are involved. Don’t be ‘that company’ where the staff know less about your news than industry experts.

Content marketing in a nutshell

Better leads, greater sales, more traffic, higher engagement – content marketing can support all these goals without splashing out on more adverts. ‘Content is king’ they say, and marketing no longer means buying pages in a magazine. Content marketing lets organisations develop their own audience, but what is content marketing?

Los cautro postes

A framework for intranet governance

A successful intranet cannot be simply installed and launched; the whole organisation needs to be engaged. Here’s how to share the responsibility for the intranet beyond the core intranet team.

A path through the jungle

SharePoint migration paths

Most people are eager to update to the latest version of their favourite app, but it’s just not possible to press an ‘update’ button with SharePoint. The wise intranet manager will have a certain amount of trepidation as they embark along the SharePoint migration path.

You might be most concerned with making sure site collections (Team Sites, My Sites) get upgraded to SharePoint 2013 smoothly; find out what to watch out for as you hit the metaphorical update button.

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A responsive, full-screen experience

Responsive web design is something we already take for granted – everyone wants websites to just work, regardless of what device is used. The revamp and relaunch of our Content Formula website has been a labour of love, but it’s… read more