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Brand engagement takes a knocking at #FutureComms14

The Future Comms conference confirmed the differences between marketing and PR, and focused on describing what the industries do in this joined-up world. Interestingly, while target audiences and content marketing were well covered, ‘engagement’ was criticised.

Periodic table of content marketing

When planning your content marketing, or creating content, you’ll want to keep in mind the purpose of your communication and the needs / wants of the audience. The format and channel will need to complement your business objectives and match the the target audience’s perferred experience method.

Apple and orange

Align your internal and external communications

Marketing communications may seem wholly separate to internal communications, and in turn the marketing team may feel worlds apart from the internal communications team. Yet marketing campaigns are stronger and more authentic when employees are involved. Don’t be ‘that company’ where the staff know less about your news than industry experts.

Content marketing in a nutshell

Better leads, greater sales, more traffic, higher engagement – content marketing can support all these goals without splashing out on more adverts. ‘Content is king’ they say, and marketing no longer means buying pages in a magazine. Content marketing lets organisations develop their own audience, but what is content marketing?

How to prove to your boss that your online campaigns are working

Monitoring the success of online campaigns is not only simple to do, it can also help you highlight your campaign’s effectiveness to your boss and other colleagues to help guide future online activity. Don’t get bogged down with reams of figures and stacks of graphs, just follow our easy guide to get the results you need.

Facebook Open Graph – Google’s worst nightmare?

Last week, Facebook revealed their latest tool to help webmasters “Socialise” their sites – Facebook Open Graph.

Open Graph is Facebooks latest foray into search engine functionality and if all else fails, it’s best to think of it simply as the first step towards a social search engine. Facebook is hoping that as people browse the web they can “like” pages by clicking a Facebook button which then informs their friends via Facebook.

The importance of a good headline

Many of us today suffer from a hitherto undocumented mental illness, the core symptom of which is an inability to focus one’s attention for any significant amount of time (have I lost you yet?).

SEO: poisoning the web or vital component?

A blogger by the name of Derek Powazek recently ranted about how Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is “poisoning the web”, and that it “should not be undertaken by people with brains or souls”, which wasn’t a very nice thing for him to say.