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What piqued our interest at #IntranetNow

Aimed at intranet managers and comms professionals, the annual Intranet Now conference took place on Friday 30th September 2016 in London. Here are some tweets by us and by others that we thought you might find interesting.

What are the big intranet trends?

Sometimes customers ask simple but great questions: “What are the big intranet trends I need to be aware of as I consider rebuilding our corporate intranet?”. As intranet practitioners it’s very easy to become immersed in detail and forget the bigger picture. This question made me think.

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An intranet governance checklist

Why do intranets fail? Before going through an intranet governance checklist it’s useful first to think about the context and purposes of intranet governance. In our work we are often called in to rescue failing intranets. The following is a list of… read more

Intranet hierarchy of needs

Intranet hierarchy of needs

There are many ways to build a new intranet, or revamp an ageing one. Whatever your approach, your objective must be to create a useful, useable intranet that adds value to your business.

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A framework for intranet governance

A successful intranet cannot be simply installed and launched; the whole organisation needs to be engaged. Here’s how to share the responsibility for the intranet beyond the core intranet team.