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customise WIzdom and SharePoint

How Wizdom Intranet provides multiple options for customisation

SharePoint gives you plenty of options to extend and customise. It’s therefore important that your intranet-in-a-box choice doesn’t close any doors when it comes to SharePoint’s extensibility. Wizdom Intranet not only leaves doors open but also offers a whole bunch more options.

Joe Perry

SharePoint – out of the box and customisation

Joe explains how you can do a lot with ‘vanilla’ or ‘out-of-the-box’ SharePoint, and how custom coding new solutions for SharePoint goes a step further. Clients are often pleased to find that our designs do not rely on customisation, but that we can code brand new solutions for SharePoint when needed.


What’s new for you in SharePoint 2016

Microsoft has released a preview of SharePoint Server 2016 for IT professionals, and has worked hard to clearly communicate the new features and upgrade paths. But what can you expect as an Intranet Manager or power user?