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What’s new for you in SharePoint 2016

Microsoft has released a preview of SharePoint Server 2016 for IT professionals, and has worked hard to clearly communicate the new features and upgrade paths. But what can you expect as an Intranet Manager or power user?

Los cautro postes

A framework for intranet governance

A successful intranet cannot be simply installed and launched; the whole organisation needs to be engaged. Here’s how to share the responsibility for the intranet beyond the core intranet team.

A path through the jungle

SharePoint migration paths

Most people are eager to update to the latest version of their favourite app, but it’s just not possible to press an ‘update’ button with SharePoint. The wise intranet manager will have a certain amount of trepidation as they embark along the SharePoint migration path.

You might be most concerned with making sure site collections (Team Sites, My Sites) get upgraded to SharePoint 2013 smoothly; find out what to watch out for as you hit the metaphorical update button.

What’s new in SharePoint 2010?

SharePoint 2010 looks to be the biggest update in the Microsoft Office family this year. But what are the major changes to SharePoint, and how will this affect your intranet?