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Intranet bots - a still from the film I, Robot

Why intranet bots could catch on fast

Intranet bots are likely to be the next big thing in intranets. Here are my three top reasons for why it won’t take long for the technology to catch on and why intranet managers should be dipping their toe in now.

What piqued our interest at #IntranetNow

Aimed at intranet managers and comms professionals, the annual Intranet Now conference took place on Friday 30th September 2016 in London. Here are some tweets by us and by others that we thought you might find interesting.

What is HTML5?

HTML5 is a new set of web development standards being rolled out by browser vendors, and taken up by web designers and developers. In fact, HTML5 comprises some improvements to XHTML, JavaScript, and CSS. No-one owns HTML5, rather World Wide… read more