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customise WIzdom and SharePoint

How Wizdom Intranet provides multiple options for customisation

SharePoint gives you plenty of options to extend and customise. It’s therefore important that your intranet-in-a-box choice doesn’t close any doors when it comes to SharePoint’s extensibility. Wizdom Intranet not only leaves doors open but also offers a whole bunch more options.

Mobile view of our home page

A responsive, full-screen experience

Responsive web design is something we already take for granted – everyone wants websites to just work, regardless of what device is used. The revamp and relaunch of our Content Formula website has been a labour of love, but it’s… read more

Facebook Open Graph – Google’s worst nightmare?

Last week, Facebook revealed their latest tool to help webmasters “Socialise” their sites – Facebook Open Graph.

Open Graph is Facebooks latest foray into search engine functionality and if all else fails, it’s best to think of it simply as the first step towards a social search engine. Facebook is hoping that as people browse the web they can “like” pages by clicking a Facebook button which then informs their friends via Facebook.

Moving around: a further look at site navigation

Navigation is of utmost importance to your site: visitors expect to achieve their goals in very few clicks, whether those goals relate to contact information, products, or services. We look at three of the most interesting examples of innovative site navigation.

SEO: poisoning the web or vital component?

A blogger by the name of Derek Powazek recently ranted about how Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is “poisoning the web”, and that it “should not be undertaken by people with brains or souls”, which wasn’t a very nice thing for him to say.

Image licences: painting a clear picture

High quality stock images are available at bargain rates from agencies, and there’s a huge variety to choose from. However, navigating round the different licence types can be somewhat confusing. It can be devastating to your business if someone finds you using their image outside the terms of its licence!