Content Formula

Livetiles & Office 365 intranet for a global aviation company

Gama Aviation

A LiveTiles intranet as a central hub for global communication and collaboration

Supporting complex global operations

Gama Aviation provides global business aviation services and support to individuals, corporations and government agencies. Sectors covered include private jets and air ambulances.

As a company that provides complex global operations and highly technical services across multiple locations it is critical that Gama's two thousand employees can collaborate and communicate in real time. They must also be able to find an array of operational and highly technical information and documentation, quickly and easily.

But until recently, Gama Aviation did not even have an intranet, relying on a highly inefficient mixture of emails, file shares and even paper records.

A new central hub based on LiveTiles and Office 365

Gama Aviation engaged Content Formula to build a new global digital communication and collaboration hub for the company's operations. The company wanted one central place which was easy to use and would help staff coordinate activities and get things done.

Working closely with Gama's IT function, Content Formula helped implement a LiveTiles-based (formerly known as Wizdom) intranet combined with Office 365 tools.

To gain a thorough understanding of Gama's diverse workforce, we carried out numerous interviews, learning about business-critical processes, different ways of working and pain points.

Helping employees find the documents they need

Users told us that finding specific documents was very important to them. To improve findability, we sought to add appropriate metadata to each document, but in ways which wouldn't burden already time-pressured employees.

Through an automation process, critical metadata including location and department is now added to each document based on the person submitting the file. This has allowed for consistent tagging without any effort and means employees can find documents using relevant search refiners.

Important "official" documents are also included in a personalised central policy, procedures and forms library, where employees know they are accessing the very latest version of a document.

Helping employees get things done

To ensure the intranet helps employees get things done, but is also relevant across Gama's diverse workforce, a task-based navigation is also contextual to the user, so tasks listed are targeted to meet the needs of different groups.

To encourage collaboration and to streamline teamwork, templates for different workspaces have been designed. Now when an employee requests a workspace, whether it is for a project, to aid team communication or even to support social groups, the right kind of workspace is automatically created.

The intranet also helps support smooth communications, through news and events. An embedded Twitter feed as well as the latest updates from Yammer keep employees informed about what is going on both inside and outside the company.

Towards a true digital workplace

A systems and tools area of the intranet means the intranet acts as a front door to the wider digital workplace. We also helped Gama Aviation create a traffic light system on the homepage to alert users of issues and outages across its key systems, including those relating to aircraft maintenance.

Helping reduce complexity

The new intranet is already proving an unqualified success. Communication is smoother, employees are collaborating across teams and projects, and documents can be found more easily. The intranet is helping reduce complexity and ensuring Gama Aviation delivers the very best service to its customers.

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