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We are a digital workplace consultancy and Microsoft partner that specialises in delivering intranets and technology solutions for the digital workplace.

Powered by technology to drive collaboration, communication and productivity. We are the global leader in intranet development and digital workplace transformation.

We are a digital workplace consultancy and Microsoft partner that specialises in delivering technology solutions and services to help businesses drive digital transformation. We connect people with technology, that enables them to stay engaged, connected and able to collaborate with team members across multiple locations and devices.

We also deliver tailored technology solutions that enable businesses to achieve a higher level of productivity and efficiency through the use of AI, process automation, knowledge management and more.

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Microsoft Partner services

At Content Formula, we are passionate about technology and strive to deliver the best possible digital workplace solutions and services to meet the individual business needs of our clients.

We are trusted Microsoft Partners and provide market-leading consultancy, development, and support services on technologies such as SharePoint, Microsoft 365, Teams, Azure and Power Platform

Whether you're looking for services and assistance with a particular technology, want to find out how you could be achieving more from your Microsoft system, or simply looking to evolve your digital workplace offering and need help with finding the right technology to suit your needs, Content Formula can work with you to understand your objectives and provide a solution that will ensure they are met.

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Transform your business with our complete suite of solutions...

We provide a suite of solutions that help businesses build a smart workplace from the ground up.

Whether you are looking to increase employee engagement and collaboration with an intranet or employee app, or want to automate and streamline your business processes with a bespoke business application, our specialist team of digital workplace experts and Microsoft certified developers can help.

intranet services

A well-designed intranet can provide a centralised hub for all the inner workings, information and operations of a business, and can improve and support employee communication, productivity and engagement.

At Content Formula, we combine our best-practice knowledge with SharePoint Modern's state-of-the-art content management platform and intuitive interface. Giving you a professional intranet in a short time-frame and at low cost.

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custom app development services
Custom business applications and integrations.

At Content Formula we are experts in designing and building custom applications and integrations that can unleash a business's full potential. We listen to our clients requirements, identify opportunities to optimise, and deliver a unique solution that ticks all the boxes.

We build apps and integration solutions on..

Microsoft 365
process automation services
Process automation applications.

Process automate can streamline repetitive tasks associated with processes and workflows. It minimises the need for employee intervention and is highly effective at optimising business efficiency, reducing costs and reducing the possibility of errors..

We build process automation applications on...

Intranet knowledge management systems
Knowledge management systems and applications.

Knowledge management is essential for organisations to ensure that employees spend less time looking for what they need, and more time working with the people they need. The more interactive employees are with knowledge assets, the stronger the value achieved.

At Content Formula, our experienced team of KM consultants and developers design, build and deploy bespoke knowledge management systems and enterprise search applications that are tailored to the individual needs and goals of an organisation.


Connecting people_
everywhere, anywhere...

Our technology solutions connect your entire digital workplace, in every location and on any device...

At Content Formula, we understand that in today's modern workplace, where employees work across multiple locations and devices, it can often be a challenge for organisations to stay connected with all their employees.

Which is why we provide technology solutions that bring together the entire hybrid workforce regardless of whether they're office-based, remote or frontline workers. Our tailored solutions, applications and integrations connect people with the information they need to achieve successful collaboration, communication, engagement and productivity.

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