Hyperfish keeps people information up to date in Office 365

The fast and easy way to get complete and up-to-date people profiles

LiveTiles Employee Directory uses AI and bot technology to automate the collection of profile information inside AD

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How it works

LiveTiles Employee Directory (formerly known as Hyperfish) intelligently nudges users to maintain their profiles little by little and without nagging.

LiveTiles Employee Directory monitors AD to identify what's missing & incorrect

Users are then notified by email or chat bot

Users update their information via desktop or mobiles device

Key features

Org chart web part

Our org chart web part provides everyone in your company visibility into all the divisions, teams and people within it and makes it simple to connect and collaborate across the entire organisation.

SharePoint web part

Put your employee profiles front and center on your intranet. Employees can track their profile completion and easily make updates.

Profile photo validation

Limit profile photos to one face, exclude cartoon characters, pets, as well as inappropriate images.


Determine which attributes require approval and by whom before changes are written to your directory.


Collect and manage specific information from defined groups of employees.

Attribute formats

Achieve consistent profile information across all employees through attribute rules including phone number formats and drop downs.

Self-service Teams bot

Allows your employees to find the people, services, and information they need directly in Microsoft Teams.

Real time reporting & compliance

Continually monitors data to ensure compliance as your organisation changes. LiveTiles Employee Directory provides reporting and analytics of the completion and improvement rates.

Single source of truth

Connect all of your systems that use people information, including your HR system, with our integration framework.

Business benefits

Improve IT service delivery

Reduces manual work and improves IT responsiveness and delivery.

Increase employee engagement

Similar to LinkedIn, LiveTiles Employee Directory enables people to find experts and learn about colleagues.

Reduce Risk

Reduces the risk of sending information to the wrong person and filters out inappropriate profile information.

Unlock Value

Unlocks value and delivers new capability across Office 365 including org chart, Delve and dynamic group membership.

"It empowers the employees to take control of their profile. Essentially, crowdsourcing the upkeep of personal data, and removing the mundane burden from IT, but still with boundaries and controls"

Peter White
Director, US Infrastructure & Operations

"We have been very successful with SharePoint Online, but profile information is critical to its success. We have LiveTiles Employee Directory at Shire to complete our users profile information. This unlocks the power of the new SharePoint people search and lights up contact cards across the experience."

David Feldman
Associate Director Collaboration at Shire

“Delivering a high quality and interactive customer experience both internally and externally is foundational for Extreme Networks. LiveTiles Employee Directory has enabled us to simplify the process of publishing and maintaining employee data and photos for our global company.”

Jeff Creasy
Sr. Director IT Technology Solutions

“Phone number lookup is huge for us, also the profile pictures are a huge win. Microsoft recently released an option in contacts that will show you pictures of everyone you’re meeting with for the day, that’s helped a lot.”

Robert Barbrow
Director of IT at Markon Solutions

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