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LiveTiles Bots is a “bot in a box” - a chatbot builder, powered by Microsoft Azure’s Bot Framework and Cognitive Services, which enables users to create bots with customised abilities tailor-made to suit any role, any team, in any organisation.

Bots, powered by rules and artificial intelligence (AI), are the key to maximising employee and team productivity.

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Why LiveTiles Bots?

Rapid deployment

The bot builder allows you to create and deploy in a matter of minutes bots that will have an immediate impact on the productivity of your individual employees—instead of having to wait weeks or months for a custom dev solution.

Decentralised bot creation

User adoption of the bot is assured because designers can configure bots with only the abilities they need and can match the bots’ conversational settings to the level of trust end users have in a virtual assistant. Also, with a natural-language editor, simple changes don’t need to be run up the IT ladder for implementation.

Centralised management interface

A single home for all a company’s chatbots in LiveTiles Bots—and overall governance by the Azure Bot Framework—provides you with central control over your virtual workforce. As your business and employees’ needs grow and change, you can easily evolve your bots to match them.

Deployment models

Personal assistant

Give each employee in your organization a bot that can automate mundane, repetitive tasks, and be customized to complement their personal style of working, routine tasks, and comfort level with AI.

Team assistant

Place a bot with every team in an organization to standardize the workplace, streamline collaboration, and connect team members with each other and with disparate information systems they use daily.

Enterprise assistant

Deploy a bot that unifies teams and serves as an enterprise-wide support resource, to which employees and teams can get answers to all their questions.

External assistant

Create an external-facing bot that functions as a liaison between your organization and potential clients, as well as other companies’ external assistant bots (scheduling meetings, facilitating correspondence, etc.).

Department concierge bot

Designed to Assist Researchers for the University to quickly and easily find available funding for programs. This allows them to transform a specialized process that has traditionally been very consultant based.

Leading University with 16k students

HR onboarding bot

Multiple use cases, including a HR bot that assists in rapid onboarding of seasonal workers, as well as customer service and internally facing bots, designed around even-specific knowledge bases that service fans, temporary workers, and ticket box workers.

Leading sports entertainment venue with running racing event that draws over 6 million viewers

HR self service bot

Designed to assist HR customer service as a complement to the HR intranet portal.

2nd largest global construction and mining corporation with 47k employees

External customer concierge bot

Designed to assist customers in picking up merchandise. These bots assist with a range of logistical information, including pick-up ability, reservation of pick-up times, and customer pick-up locations.

Leading design door manufacturing sold across all 50 states

Dan Hawtrey of Content Formula talks to Nico de Jong of Live Tiles about enterprise bots.

Watch this 30 minute video to learn all about bots and how they fit into an intranet and digital workplace context. We also discuss how to go about running a bot project in your organisation and Nico talks a little about the Live Tile’s Bot builder platform and why it’s different.