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Nintex SharePoint workflow example

Using Nintex forms and workflow to improve key digital workplace processes

Dynamic user interfaces and complex workflow bring tangible process improvement

Johnson Matthey is a sustainable technologies company with approximately 15,000 employees spread across 30 locations around the world. Successful collaboration and streamlined processes are essential to delivering the company’s cutting-edge products and services.

We had already helped the team at Johnson Matthey introduce a highly successful digital workplace based on Office 365 with a compelling SharePoint Online intranet. With a now mature digital workplace, the team was ready to focus the next phase of its evolution on driving efficiency , increasing productivity and minimising risk.

Streamlining processes using Nintex

The company had already identified significant opportunities to improve processes through the use of digital forms and workflow, moving away from an over-reliance on email. The team were also seeking to leverage an existing investment in Nintex, a leading workflow and process improvement product.

Johnson Matthey engaged Content Formula to help the IT function use Nintex to streamline key processes. Recognising our established Nintex expertise (we are formally certified Nintex Process Automation Experts in Office 365), as well as our deep SharePoint experience, we agreed a key process to improve. This would also establish a methodology for future process improvement.

Focusing on supplier due diligence

The Johnson Matthey digital workplace team chose to focus on the multi-stepped, complex process associated with global supplier due diligence. This assesses risks around new supplier relationships, but the existing system of screening was over-reliant on email, highly inefficient, prone to error and lacked transparency.

Working closely with the IT function, we helped agree requirements through a discovery exercise which carefully mapped the detail of the due diligence process.

Building the form and workflow

We then used Nintex Form Designer and Workflow Designer to create a form with flexible fields and workflow that streamlines all the steps in the process, driving efficiency while also maintaining the inherent complexity required for robust due diligence for a global enterprise.

A dynamic user interface

The form includes a dynamic user interface based on clearly defined inputs and rules. Depending on different values such as the home country of the supplier and the nature of the relationship, the form encourages employees to enter only the information required. Workflow then ensures the range of approvals required are carried out; these involve various functional stakeholders including procurement, finance, legal and HR.

The form is also integrated with SharePoint Online so that it can be conveniently accessed through Johnson Matthey’s intranet.

A roadmap for digital improvement

Using the Nintex form, users from right across the globe are able to go to just one place to submit supplier details and receive a quick, robust and centralised assessment of new suppliers. This helps to onboard new suppliers more quickly but also minimises risk to Johnson Matthey through a comprehensive, standardised process.

We are now actively partnering with the IT function to methodologically identify other processes that are ready to streamline. We have already delivered two more forms, with more to follow in a rolling programme of digital workplace improvement.

Tangible process improvement

The IT function are satisfied that they are leveraging both their investment in Office 365 and Nintex to make a tangible positive impact, and excited about future improvements that will be made. Meanwhile users and stakeholders are very happy to find significant improvements to key processes that help them get things done.

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