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Office 365 Intranet for an oil and gas industry


Design and delivery of a new compelling intranet homepage with new web parts and additional templates

Taking the intranet to the next level

Petrofac is a global provider of oilfield services to the oil and gas industry. It’s 11,500 employees work across multiple global locations, with many working on-site in oil refineries.

It's intranet, Petronet, is a customised SharePoint online platform that had been built in-house by Petrofac’s IT function.

In order to take Petronet to the next level, the global internal communications team wanted a visual refresh of the intranet to make it more engaging and improve how news is presented. They also wanted to make it easier for employees to find what they need

A new homepage experience

Leveraging our expertise in designing and delivering bespoke SharePoint Online intranets, Petr.ofac engaged Content Formula to design a fresher, more appealing homepage with a focus on impactful messaging. We were asked to develop any accompanying new features and web parts and deliver other critical page templates.

We worked in close partnership with the global internal communications team. advising on design and producing wireframes for review. After rigorous testing, the new homepage and intranet features have been made live.

An attractive and compelling way to present employee communications

The improved Petronet has a redesigned homepage that introduces new features and tightens up the existing design to make it far more usable and attractive, with greater emphasis on imagery.

New web parts make news more appealing and impactful. A new carousel features stories in the hero area of the homepage, with other stories are presented via attractive tiles that are colour-coded based on news type.

Each individual tile includes an image or coloured box to encourage click-throughs. A “trending” feature highlights stories that have high levels of engagement based on an algorithm taking in the numbers of likes and comments.

Balancing internal and external stories

The mobile responsive homepage also includes an RSS feed that aggregates external stories from different sources, and an additional carousel that promotes internal initiatives, presenting both images and video.

New page templates that lift content and improve findability

We also produced a number of attractive templates, that can be re-used across the intranet.

A template for individual news items includes the ability to add a splash image, an author bio section, a customisable billboard area to add links to contextual articles, a homepage feed and even an image gallery. This template includes Modern web parts even though Petronet is based on classic SharePoint.

Additional templates have been built for:

  • a landing page that links to different sections of the site through attractive tiles
  • a locations page that include a photo gallery, document library, news items, operational updates, a map and more.

Helping employees find what they need

Employees found it difficult to navigate the intranet as the global navigation did not link to deeper pages within the site structure. To remedy this, we built a satisfying mega-menu feature that allows employees to browse the full extent of the intranet, making navigation more visible and understandable.

An attractive global intranet delivering engaging news

The global internal communications team are delighted with the outcome of our work. The improved intranet is modern, lively and informative, and far more visually appealing. Internal communicators from around the world are posting stories while employees are staying informed and finding it easier to find critical content.

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