Corporate intranets

If you are putting in place a corporate intranet for the first time or looking to replace your current one then you will want to work with a SharePoint company that has a solid track record of delivering successful intranets.

There are lots of SharePoint consulting companies who focus on the technical delivery and IT. We're different because as well as our technical expertise we also bring to the table our deep experience of intranet strategy and adoption. We build corporate intranets that employees want to use and that deliver value to the business.

What's more, our expertise is not just based on the theory of sound intranet design. We manage and support many of the corporate intranets that we build for our clients. This means we get to see our intranets operating in the corporate setting long after the excitement of the launch. We see what works, what doesn't work and we see how they evolve. We apply these rich insights to every stage of your project:

Setting the intranet vision

Making the business case for a new corporate intranet



You can involve us early too. We can help you sell in your project to your management board to raise the fundss












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