Department and team intranets

Are you responsible for a team or department intranet in your organisation? Have you been given a SharePoint space on the corporate intranet but have been given little in the way of help and support to make it really work for your team? At Content Formula we don’t just design and build corporate-wide intranets, we also work on team, department or function intranets. Sometimes these intranets are highly bespoke other times they just use the corporate templates and follow strict guidelines.  

Shop window, back office or both?

We can design and build your department’s shop window so that your internal customers can access your content, tools and data, or we can build your back office intranet that allow your team to collaborate, follow workflows and processes. Very often, we build the two parts together so that internal customer requests can come in via the shop window and then be passed to the back office intranet for processing.

How we work

Given the right level of access we can work directly on your intranet environment and create your department intranet. If however corporate policies prevent outside consultancies from working on your network, we can create the designs and specifications and work with your IT team to implement them. 

Wherever possible we use SharePoint out-of-the-box features - we are not ‘lifting the hood’ on SharePoint and creating complex customisations. This means that IT are often happy to grant us network access and let us work directly on the SharePoint environment. Some of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies trust us to work on their SharePoint intranets.

Mars department intranets

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