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SharePoint intranet consolidation

SharePoint intranet consolidation

Harmonising a business by consolidating 22 intranets onto one platform

The brief

Consolidate 22 standalone operating company intranets into one regional EMEA intranet to create a single destination and maximise best practice sharing and collaboration for comms and HR.

  • Our client, a leading medical devices manufacturer, wanted to unite employees by having one regional platform for the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region.
  • One company portal would reinforce the business message of “One EMEA, One business.”
  • We needed to centralise company news flow and employee communications while ensuring local teams still had the right tools to work effectively.
  • Harmonise branding across the countries.

Our approach

A thorough user and stakeholder discovery phase shaped the right SharePoint intranet to suit employees across the region:

  • User interviews with end users and close meetings with stakeholders throughout the information architecture and user experience phase.
  • Our SharePoint consultancy developed a central site and a toolkit of designs, templates and web-parts to provide flexibility for countries to tailor their channels whilst also ensuring consistency and harmonisation
  • We built “killer apps” to maximise communications – including People on the Move, to communicate people moves and promotions and a chat facility to allow dialogue between leaders and employees

The result

Project rolled out over 12 months leading to increased engagement and collaboration between employees and operating companies:

  • A 300% increase to the number of unique visitors to the site every month.
  • Time on site increase by 250%.
  • Improved top-down communications facilitated new EMEA initiatives.
  • £100k savings on licences and human resources per annum.

"Content Formula worked closely with the management team on a new Intranet strategy that would lead to stronger employee engagement and business alignment. This work required technical expertise, strong account management and cultural understanding given the scope and breadth of the project, which included the integration of 20+ portals to a new platform. Content Formula provided strong partnership on this complex and highly visible internal initiative for our company. The project was completed with strong reviews and support."

Vice President EMEA of Strategic Affairs and Communications, a global medical device company

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