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Award winning engagement campaigns with measurable results

The brief

As SharePoint consultants we are often asked, how can SharePoint be used to drive employee engagement? We've used SharePoint to deliver really creative engagement and internal communications campaigns – quite a few of which have won awards. Based on our learnings throughout the years we have developed a 7-pronged framework for employee engagement in the digital workplace. We call it Seven Secrets. At the heart of it lies social interaction, something that SharePoint – if used properly – can do very well.

Our approach

Here are 3 examples of our best employee engagement campaigns:

Example 1: We mobilized over 6000 Johnson & Johnson employees (50% of the workforce) to take part in fundraising activities across AsiaPacific. Making Smiles won us a gold award at the prestigious Step Two Intranet Innovation Awards in 2014 and was a finalist in Melcrum’s Awards for internal communication.

Example 2: We used SharePoint to drive awareness and understanding of Ethicon’s corporate values across EMEA. We did this by creating a fun online awards campaign. The campaign reached 100% of the target audience and 431 nominations were made across 900 employees.

Example 3: The Better World Walk intranet was pivotal in raising $250,000 for Operation Smile by encouraging employees to do a virtual sponsored walk across the EMEA region. The highly social campaign used SharePoint to drive fun photo sharing all the while promoting health and fitness. Better World Walk was a finalist in the Communiqué Awards in 2014.

The result

SharePoint doesn’t have to mean dry, sometimes boring intranets. Our SharePoint consultancy know how to make SharePoint look good and work really hard to deliver impressive and hard results when it comes to employee engagement.

Client testimonial:
"I had the pleasure of working with Content Formula on our internal campaign. They are the business partners that every client hopes to have but not always finds: dependable, extremely meticulous, friendly and never skip a beat. They have been instrumental to the success of our campaigns."

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