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SharePoint Modern mobile intranet example – TTEC


A mobile-friendly LiveTiles intranet for a remote workforce, navigating data privacy challenges

TTEC is a global provider of customer experience services, providing solutions focused on strategy, technology, training and outsourced customer support to a large client base. Headquartered in the US, the company has a workforce of 50,000 employees, many of whom work on client premises or at home, making communication and collaboration while safeguarding client information one of the top priorities.

With a strong commitment to employee training and engagement, TTEC asked Content Formula to deliver a modern Office 365-friendly intranet that would deliver compelling, targeted digital communications to a diverse workforce. It was critical that the new intranet navigated considerable challenges around reaching employees who work off-site while meeting strict data privacy guidelines.

Working in partnership

To completely understand how TTEC employees work and get a full picture of stakeholder priorities, we ran several on-site workshops at TTEC’s campus HQ and conducted remote interviews.

We documented our findings and recommendations in a Discovery Report. Working in close partnership with TTEC, we worked collaboratively with stakeholders and users to introduce the new intranet.

A modern SharePoint Online intranet

TTEC already had Office 365 installed and wanted to simplify their technology portfolio, so we delivered a brand-new SharePoint Online intranet based on the LiveTiles (formerly known as Wizdom) intranet in-a-box product. We only utilised modern web parts to get the very best experience possible.

The new intranet features a seamless combination of local and global news and content, while also providing access to LiveTiles Workspaces for collaboration and community discussions. The Power Panel feature ensures employees can access alerts, relevant links and manage channel subscriptions from any page.

Navigating data privacy concerns

Because many employees handle sensitive information such as customer credit card numbers, the new intranet has to include strict safeguards to protect customer data. We introduced a number of measures to meet these commitments without compromising the user experience.

A sensitive content scanner identifies if any potential client data may have been added to the intranet, while IP-based restrictions on posting ensure data cannot be added from client contact centres. Located shared terminals allow for relevant local information to be shared and accessed only within the contact centre itself.

Mobile access for all employees

Because of the high number of employees working off-site, the solution is fully accessible via a mobile app available from both corporate and employee-owned devices. The app means all employees are connected and preserves the excellent user experience of the intranet.

Highly targeted communications

Prior to the new intranet, sending relevant communications and alerts to different groups based on attributes such as location was email-based and highly inefficient. Using LiveTiles’s powerful Noticeboard feature, the internal communications function can now confidently target the right messages to the right groups. Items appear on the homepage or as push notifications via the mobile app. Employees can also subscribe to channels of interest.

Future developments will make it easier to quickly target urgent alerts to highly granular groups and allow priority messages to appear as a pop-up message on Windows 10 desktops.

Migration from Jive

Before moving to a Office 365 based platform, TTEC were using Jive for community spaces and as a document management solution. As part of the digital transformation, we worked with the team to understand the content that was living on Jive and created templates to make it as easy as possible for content owners to manually migrate content.

It was also a great opportunity for content owners to clean up their content remove anything that was no longer relevant. The templates, along with Office 365 training gave content owners all of the tools they needed to efficiently migrate their content.

The TTEC Jive migration has proved very successful. There was less push back from site owners than might be expected and employees are starting to use the team sites that are fully embedded within the SharePoint Online intranet environment.

An intranet that meets TTEC’s unique needs

The new intranet is already making an impact, giving all employees access to relevant content regardless of where they work, while meeting TTEC’s strict commitments to safeguarding customer information.

The company are also planning a series of additional improvements to the intranet, including introducing the Hyperfish tool to drive improvements in people data, which in turn will lead to more granular content targeting.

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