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5 leading SharePoint intranet examples 2020

Here at Content Formula weve delivered numerous SharePoint intranets, both custom-built and based on LiveTiles intranet in-a-box product. This means weve built up a great library of SharePoint intranet examples, some of which you can find on our website. In delivering these, weve also learnt some of the key approaches that can make all the difference in making an intranet a real success.

We often get asked by clients what are some of our best SharePoint intranet examples? Here is a selection of five that also illustrate some essential approaches to delivering an intranet. You can also see some of our best Office 365 intranet examples too in a companion article.

1. Legal and General: A hub for getting things done

Employees are always busy and there never seems to be enough hours in the day to complete everything they need to do. A key role of an intranet is to help employees to complete tasks and get things done quickly and efficiently. It does this in several different ways including:

  • ensuring users effortlessly find what they need;
  • establishing clear and up-to-date procedural information that employees trust;
  • provide links through to essential apps and systems;
  • and even presenting data from other applications through integrations. An intranet that delivers efficiencies for employees is a successful intranet.

Legal & General is multinational financial services company offering insurance, asset management and other services. The company has a complex structure, a diverse portfolio of services, and a very busy workforce with a wide range of information needs, who use an array of IT applications. We partnered with the Legal & General team to create a new SharePoint and LiveTiles intranet built on detailed user research that helps employees in their day-to-day work and gives them back some time.

Evergreen content acts as an essential reference guide for employees on the things they need to know. An extensive How Do I library is a powerful, central repository of easy-to-find procedural and task information which can be searched from the intranet homepage. Central catalogues of enterprise apps and workspaces are just one click away with the intuitive information architecture and provide a quick window into the wider digital workplace. The popular and highly innovative LiveTiles Everywhere toolbar also includes a dashboard of essential links and information delivered through integrations, following employees wherever they are. The intranet really has become Legal & Generals hub for getting things done.

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2. TTEC: a critical intranet that navigates risk and mobility challenges

No two SharePoint intranets are the same. Every intranet needs to have a laser-sharp focus on the needs of an organisation and its employees, sometimes navigating complex challenges without ever compromising on the user experience. Security and data privacy challenges can have a significant impact on how a SharePoint intranet is set-up and consumed, while a workforce of predominantly frontline employees can mean mobile access is critical. The trick is to design your intranet based on a deep understanding of organisational priorities and user needs delivered through research, and then continue to work closely with stakeholders and employees to refine and improve the platform.

TTEC is a global provider of customer experience services, providing solutions focused on strategy, technology, training and outsourced customer support to a large client base. Headquartered in the US, most of the companys 50,000 employees either work on client premises or at home and are regularly exposed to sensitive customer data. This means that on TTECs SharePoint intranet there are particular measures that must be put in place to safeguard client information. An intranet also has to be available on mobile devices to be able to reach a highly mobile and remote workforce. We undertook extensive user research and worked in close partnership with TTECs digital workplace team to ensure the SharePoint intranet considered both these factors.

Personalization means that the TTEC intranet delivers highly targeted news and updates to different client teams. ensuring relevance. Guardrails have been put in place to protect data; these include a sensitive content scanner to identify if client data has been added to the intranet, additional IP-based restrictions and local shared terminals placed within each contact centre. Meanwhile a mobile app allows all employees to access the intranet from corporate and employee-owned devices, both iOS and Android. Best of all, the user experience has not been compromised, meaning staff can access a vibrant, modern intranet that supports efficiency and engagement.

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3. Intranets can help facilitate learning and development


An intranet is not only about communications, collaboration and driving efficiency; it can also help support other key organisational processes and house valuable content. An excellent example is training and development. Often learning content, training material and course catalogues are locked away in e-learning systems that traditionally have a poor user experience, with content hard to access. If some of this material is made available within the intranet, it usually becomes more easily findable and will be presented in a more engaging way, encouraging more learning and adding to the value of the intranet.

At RSSB, a member organisation dedicated to supporting better railway safety, we worked with the intranet team to add learning capability to the intranet. On the SharePoint Online intranet (based on the Wizdom in-a-box product) there is a calendar of learning events where employees can browse a catalogue of available courses and then register for each one. This feature is already receiving very high adoption, driving a culture of learning and also providing valuable data into the workforces learning habits.

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4. Always optimise your intranet for mobile devices

Severn Trent - Mobile

In the past, internal communicators have often struggled to reach field and deskless workers who do not have easy access to a terminal during the working day or may not even have digital identities. This demographic ends up with limited or even no access to the intranet or the digital workplace. In organisations where there are a sizeable proportion of field or deskless employees this causes real problems.

One obvious solution is to make the intranet available on mobile devices, even on those owned by employees, opening up the intranet and digital workplace to everybody. Of course, office-based workers also like to have mobile access, matching the digital experiences they have in their consumer lives.

Severn Trent plc is a water services company based in the UK. Naturally many of its 15,000 employees work in the field, from busy city streets to remote reservoirs. To ensure that On Tap, a new SharePoint intranet based on Wizdom, was accessible to field workers, we helped to ensure a mobile app was available. Most staff have corporate-owned devices and thanks to a small customisation, can access the intranet via a special On Tap icon on their device. The app delivers a people directory, corporate news, but also operational and even critical emergency updates. For the latter, native device features can be used to deliver urgent push notifications. The app is also fully secure, working within Severn Trents MDM solution.

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5.Entain Group: An intranet bringing a brand and digital workplace to life

SharePoint intranets are strategic investments and play an essential role in driving community, productivity and culture. A modern SharePoint intranet should deliver a digital employee experience that makes a tangible difference to employees, teams and organisations. This is achieved in multiple ways through a wide variety of digital communications, by providing an entry point to the wider digital workplace, by facilitating collaboration, and by being a vibrant, daily reflection of organizational life. It can also be a channel that plays an active role in change management initiatives.

Entain Group is a one of the worlds largest sports-betting and gaming groups. With a very diverse workforce of 24,000 colleagues spread across 20 global offices, the company owns a portfolio of leading brands. In 2020 the company rebranded the Group from GVC Holdings, reflecting an ambition to be the world-leader in sports betting and gaming entertainment. To deliver on this ambition and reflect a striking and exciting new brand identity, the company are launching a new intranet and digital workplace that lives and breathes the new brand. The digital workplace will help employees seamlessly communicate and collaborate across locations and divisions, supporting both engagement and productivity, while also helping them feel part of Entain.

A brand-new SharePoint and LiveTiles intranet called Entain.Me acts as the gateway to the new digital workplace, providing personalized access to inspiring communications, operational content and critical apps from right across the Group. It also brings updates into view from all around the world, reflecting the everyday activity of a busy and diverse workforce. Social collaboration delivered through Yammer is heavily integrated with Entain.Me, supporting conversations and connections, and complementing the use of Microsoft Teams for closed project and working group-based collaboration. A persistent toolbar connecting employees to information from different systems will help busy employees keep on top of their to do lists. The intranet also reflects the new Entain brand identify, helping employees feel more connected to the momentum and energy surrounding the Group.

Need other SharePoint intranet examples with screenshots?

Case studies and screenshots can provide a good reference point for what is possible with a modern intranet, as well as revealing good practices and impactful approaches. If you need other examples of great intranets why not check out our SharePoint intranet examples page?  Alternatively you can also get in touch.

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