The everything intranet: people, learning and human success webinar
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The everything intranet: people, learning and human success webinar

Engaging and empowering your people.

We are a digital workplace consultancy that builds state-of-the-art SharePoint intranets and Microsoft 365 technology solutions for the modern enterprise.

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Common problems our clients face

Ineffective search

Our advanced search solutions ensure your employees find the information they need quickly and effortlessly.

Poor user adoption

We focus on intuitive design and user-centric information architecture to guarantee a user-friendly experience, leading to increased intranet adoption rates.

Outdated content

Our content management strategies ensure your intranet stays relevant and trustworthy.

Inconsistent branding

We create intranets that are not only functional but also align perfectly with your brand guidelines.

Limited mobile access

Our solutions are designed for optimal performance on mobile devices, ensuring accessibility anywhere, anytime.

No self-service culture

We empower your workforce with tools and resources for effective self-service in common tasks.

This is just a selection of the many intranet problems that we can help you fix. Get in touch with an intranet specialist to discuss your intranet.
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Case studies
LEK Solution Center
Case study
A custom global knowledge sharing platform for L.E.K. Consulting

A new global intranet based on SharePoint Online and enhanced with Lightspeed365 features.

Case study
Baringa transforming employee experience with Lightspeed365

Boosting findability and productivity with advanced Lightspeed365 features.

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What is the best way to manage an intranet? What are some of the intranet best practices that we should follow? These are typical questions that we get asked during an intranet project. Of course, there is no right or wrong or even definitive answer as every intranet and organisation is slightly different. However, over

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