Lightspeed sharepoint intranet

The fastest and easiest way to set up and maximise the value of your SharePoint intranet.
Lightspeed is a service provided by Content Formula that enables you to quickly and easily launch a great intranet experience based on Microsoft 365 and SharePoint Online.
What is Lightspeed intranet?

Lightspeed is a brand-new service from Content Formula that enables organisations to quickly and easily launch a world-class intranet based on Microsoft 365 and SharePoint Online.

At Content Formula, we understand that delivering an intranet purely based on SharePoint Online can often be more challenging than expected and teams can be surprised that they need to rely on external expertise to complete the intranet set-up. They may even find they want to install additional features that are not included within SharePoint's default out-of-the-box functionality.

Lightspeed service packages have been specifically designed to overcome these common challenges, reducing the hassle, time and costs usually associated with launching an intranet based on SharePoint Online. Plus, it comes with the additional option of implementing Lightspeed Modules – a set of specialist web parts that add extra capabilities, a premium user experience and branding to SharePoint Online default features.

Lightspeed service features

At Content Formula, our consultants draw on years of experience, delivering 100s of intranets for large and small organisations. We don’t just build intranets - we manage them too - so we know what matters to employees and content owners.

Our team of SharePoint intranet experts will configure the following features for you, using our intimate knowledge of both Microsoft 365 and intranet best practice:

Newsfeed and carousels.

Enterprise social feed.

Department pages.

Document library for policies and procedures.

'Our company' pages.

Optional Lightspeed Modules - additional webparts ​ for content display and added functionality.

And lots more...

The benefits of using Lightspeed...

Whilst SharePoint Online remains the most popular base technology for corporate intranets, and provides key capabilities that makes it possible to deliver a sophisticated enterprise-wide intranet, it can often prove challenging and time-consuming to achieve the desired results.

Lightspeed services provide the perfect solution for bridging the gaps in SharePoint Online's limitations and offers multiple benefits:

Quick to market

Implementation with Lightspeed is rapid.

The combination of using SharePoint Online with ready-to-go web part templates, in addition to advice and guidance from Content Formula's highly experienced consultants, significantly reduces the time and effort required to go to market.

Projects which would usually take several months to complete, can reduced to just weeks, meaning that employees can enjoy all the benefits of an intranet earlier. It also makes it possible to meet ambitious deadlines, such as the end of software licensing of your legacy intranet, or to keep up the momentum on your digital transformation strategy.

Stay close to the Microsoft 365 roadmap and avoid customisation

By choosing Lightspeed and SharePoint Online, organisations can stay close to the Microsoft 365 roadmap and avoid customisation.

It means you can implement future Microsoft 365 and SharePoint features with confidence, supporting an intranet that can grow and improve with new features, and be seamlessly integrated with other Microsoft 365 solutions like Yammer.

It also means you can move forward with new technologies like the Microsoft Viva suite.

Reduce costs and maximise ROI

Lightspeed offers exceptional value by reducing costs and making the most out of your investment in Microsoft 365. It means you can leverage SharePoint Online for your intranet which you have already paid for with your 365 licensing, but without compromising on the features and flexibility you need from an intranet solution.

The ability to add just the web parts you need to plug any gaps in SharePoint means you don’t need to purchase an entire in-a-box intranet solution, ensuring your entire intranet spend will be significantly less.

All the web parts offered in Lightspeed don’t duplicate what’s in SharePoint, which can happen with an in-a-box solution.

Gain the best possible SharePoint Online intranet

How you implement, structure and design your intranet can have an impact on its success, level of adoption and long-term sustainability.

When you use Lightspeed, you know that your intranet project is following best practice guidelines based on Content Formula’s deep knowledge and specialist experience in intranets, SharePoint and Microsoft 365.

Lightspeed is designed to complement existing SharePoint functionality, extending features and capabilities where intranet teams and internal communicators commonly find gaps. Added to which Lightspeed intranets deliver a superior user experience and on-brand design.

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