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We are a digital workplace consultancy, that specialises in delivering technology solutions that transform business processes, drive collaboration, fuel productivity and connect the entire workforce.

In recent years, the workplace has transformed significantly, with an increasing number of employees now working remotely or frontline, and rapidly advancing technologies providing limitless capabilities and opportunities to improve operations and increase business efficiency.

To compete and survive in an ever-evolving and competitive landscape, we help businesses to transform their workplace to adapt to hybrid working and embrace technological advancement that can automate their processes, and elevate employee communication, collaboration and productivity.

About our services...

At Content Formula, our digital workplace services are designed to help businesses drive digital transformation, by connecting people with technology that enables them to stay engaged, connected and able to collaborate with team members across multiple location and devices.

We also deliver tailored technology solution that enable businesses to achieve a higher level of productivity through the use if AI, process automation, knowledge management and more... Improving operational efficiency and meeting organisational goals.

We provide digital workplace services that can either focus on one standalone area, or utilise the full suite of services to benefit from an integrated and strategic approach.

01. Discovery, strategy and roadmap

Discovery, strategy and roadmap

When planning a new intranet, it’s critical to undertake a detailed discovery phase which incorporates user research and stakeholder interviews. This establishes a strong understanding of employee and organisational needs and ensures that your intranet will deliver value, be successfully adopted and is sustainable going forward.

At Content Formula, when undertaking a new intranet project, we usually conduct a discovery phase as standard. This includes full user and stakeholder needs discovery and knowledge transfer, which often includes:

• Stakeholder workshop(s)
• Interviews with users from across your organisation
• Review of your existing solutions and any planning or research documentation already in place

Once the discovery research has been carried out, it is complie in a comprehensive report of findings, with strategy and roadmap recommendations suitable for board level / senior management.

Content Formula’s discovery phase and report has consistently received great feedback from clients.

02. Solution build and development

Solution build and development

At Content Formula we are experts in designing, building and developing solutions, applications and integrations that can unleash a business's full potential.

We listen to our clients requirements, identify opportunities to optimise, and deliver unique solutions that ticks all the boxes.

As certified Microsoft Partners, we specialise in Microsoft 365 because it not only offers an incredible array of tools and services such as SharePoint Online, MS Teams, and Outlook but also acts as a flexible, secure and effective platform to develop and deploy business applications and solutions on.

We are best known for our award winning SharePoint intranet solutions, but we also develop business applications and integrations that help organisations streamline their business processes and deliver measurable results.

Our solutions blend technology expertise with an eye for user experience and intuitive interfaces. On top of that we’re disciplined project managers so you won’t be let down on service and delivery.

03. Content migration and planning

Content migration and planning

Content migration is an essential part of any intranet project and at Content Formula, our migration services enable organisations to quickly, securely and reliably move content from existing databases, intranet and extranet systems on to new platforms and systems.

We use a tried and tested content migration process that delivers best practice methodology, strategy, change management, and governance.

Whether it's a simple technology upgrade from one platform to another, or a more complex integration of multiple systems on to a unified platform, our team of software developers, project managers and migration specialists have the proven ability to deliver fast, secure and reliable migration.

We can provide migration services tailored to your individual business needs, either delivering support in a specific area or taking on your entire migration project.

04. User adoption and change management

User adoption and change management

At Content Formula, we understand that adoption of new technologies and changing ways of working, is one of the biggest challenges organisations face when introducing new systems into the workplace.

Adoption and change management (ACM) is an essential activity in ensuring that your Microsoft 365 implementation is successful and delivers the enterprise-wide benefits and ROI expected by your senior stakeholders.

Which is why, at Content Formula we have created a new Microsoft 365 ACM service that assists with everything from planning your strategy to creating engaging campaign assets and providing ongoing support.

We have extensive experience and knowledge in helping organisations and their employees adapt to and successfully adopt new technologies, and have a proven track record in building lasting adoption & change management strategies when delivering customer projects.

We focus on the people-side impacts of change and approach it with strategy, speed and agility.

05. Ongoing support and maintenance

Ongoing support and maintenance

At Content Formula, we are always at hand to provide guidance, maintenance and ongoing support.

From advice and training, to software optimisation or business critical resolution services, our support team are available and caters for different business needs.

Of CIOs believe digitally empowering employees can drive at least 5% additional revenue growth over 3 years. [1].
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Our implementation approach...

At Content Formula, we provide a tried and tested agile process that ensures that we completely understand your business environment and objectives before designing and deploying the right solution. Our implementation process is designed to deliver:

  • An intranet strategy that aligns with your corporate strategy
  • An intranet with a solid foundation for adoption
  • The right discussions about governance - defining the rules, processes and people involved with managing and improving the intranet, and ensuring it supports business goals.
  • A content plan for getting the site ready for launch and beyond
  • Functionalities that fit your business needs, in particular when it comes to self-service, collaboration and communication
  • A good quality user experience and if required we can provide validation for usability and accessibility
  • Front-end code that works elegantly across desktop and mobile
  • Functionalities that work as expected
Full user and stakeholder needs discovery and knowledge transfer with workshops and user interviews
  • Stakeholder workshop(s)
  • Interviews with users from across your organisation
  • Review your existing solutions and any planning or research documentation already in place
  • Findings organised into themes, insights, verbatims, quantitive data
  • Recommendations outline strategy and roadmap, governance, adoption, content, functionality.
  • Wireframes across mobile and desktop covering all page templates
  • Navigation, labels, metadat, taxonomy
  • Tree testing and usability testing with users (optional)
  • Accessibility planning and testing with users (optional)
  • Iterative design development from concepts to finished templates
  • Based on the out-of-box theme customised to your brand
  • HTML, CSS, JS tested and validated for target devices and browsers
  • Set up of Azure or SharePoint environment
  • Configuration
  • Testing and bug fixing before UAT
  • Full UAT phase with handholding and support
  • Custom training documentation
  • Training for authors and admins
  • We have a dedicated quality assurance and testing manager
  • QA processes and checklists are applied throughout all stages of your project
  • A project manager will be assigned to your project and will be your day-to-day contact
  • They will be responsible for running meetings and managing the project plan and communicating project status
  • We use various modern cloud PM tools including Jira and Teams

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