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SharePoint consultancy

SharePoint consultancy

Content Formula provides a range of SharePoint consultancy services designed to meet the specific needs and challenges of your business. Our focus is on delivering practical and effective solutions, ensuring SharePoint is a key asset in your digital workplace.

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SharePoint consultancy services

Complexity Management

Simplifying SharePoint to make it more user-friendly and manageable.

Effective Integration

Seamlessly integrating SharePoint with other business systems and tools.

User Adoption and Engagement

Designing engaging interfaces to enhance employee collaboration and participation.

Custom Solutions for Business Needs

Developing tailored SharePoint solutions that align with your unique business requirements.

Governance and Compliance

Establishing strong governance and compliance structures for data security.

Training and Support

Providing extensive training and ongoing support to ensure your team’s proficiency with SharePoint.

Keeping Current with Updates

Ensuring your SharePoint stays up-to-date with the latest features and best practices.

Scalability and Performance Consulting

Advising on scalability strategies and performance optimisation as your business grows.

Why choose Content Formula

Content Formula provides a range of SharePoint consultancy services designed to meet the specific needs and challenges of your business. Our focus is on delivering practical and effective solutions, ensuring SharePoint is a key asset in your digital workplace.

1. Certified Microsoft Cloud Solution Provide

As a trusted and certified provider, we have a demonstrated track record in delivering high-quality Microsoft Cloud solutions, including SharePoint.

2. Qualified SharePoint Experts

Our team consists of highly skilled consultants and developers who are experts in SharePoint. We invest significantly in their ongoing professional development to ensure they stay at the forefront of SharePoint advancements.

3. Combination of Technical Knowledge and Strategic Insight

Our dual expertise lies in not only possessing deep technical knowledge of SharePoint, Microsoft 365, and related tools, but also having 20 years of experience in advising global organisations on intranet and digital workplace strategy, design, and delivery.

4. Strong Reputation in the Professional Community

We are recognised both in the UK and globally as the go-to agency for SharePoint and intranet work, reflecting our expertise and successful track record.

5. Specialists in Employee-Focused Digital Solutions

Our expertise extends beyond technical proficiency to understanding the nuances of employee-focused digital channels. We specialise in creating engaging, user-friendly solutions that enhance the digital employee experience, making everyday tasks more efficient and enjoyable.

By partnering with Content Formula, you gain a collaborator who is deeply committed to your success, combining technical SharePoint prowess with strategic insights to deliver transformative solutions for your digital workplace.

SharePoint intranets

At Content Formula we’ve been working with SharePoint intranets since day one and we’re recognised experts in the field. Our consultants can help you at all the stages of your SharePoint intranet project, advising on designing, improving, building and launching SharePoint intranets, as well as carrying out development.

SharePoint analytics

Getting the right approach to SharePoint analytics is critical for tracking success and continuing to improve your platform. We advise clients on getting the right SharePoint analytics in place to cover adoption, content, communications, engagement and more. We can also help create custom analytic dashboards that leverage Power BI.

SharePoint migration

SharePoint migrations can be complicated and fiddly. Having been involved in hundreds of SharePoint migrations, we know the devil is in the detail. We regularly advise customers on migrating SharePoint environments in ways that are pragmatic, efficient and set them up for future success.

SharePoint development

SharePoint development comes in all shapes and sizes and can help make your intranet better fit your corporate identity. From a fully-blown custom digital workplace to a single custom web part, our front-end and back-end SharePoint developers have years of experience in delivering successful SharePoint and Microsoft 365 projects.

User experience and interface design

We know the importance of design and user experience in delivering intuitive and eye-catching interfaces that make users want to return. Building on the attractive modern SharePoint interface we can help design the perfect interface for your SharePoint project and then iterate on this using wireframes and prototyping.

Adoption and change management

SharePoint projects including intranets, often facilitate new ways of working and require a change management effort to drive adoption. Our consultants specialise in supporting adoption and change management and help businesses develop strategies and communications.

Custom apps and integrations

SharePoint is a highly flexible platform that can be combined with other elements of Microsoft 365 to produce exceptional custom business apps and services. Our SharePoint projects frequently involve developing apps using Microsoft’s Power Platform (including Power Automate and PowerApps) to deliver business-ready apps that increase productivity and make a difference.

SharePoint search functionality

Getting search right is one of the most important aspects of the digital workplace, but it can also be challenging. We have years of experience advising on all aspects of SharePoint and Microsoft search, including articulating your SharePoint search strategy, optimising findability through metadata, improving the search experience, integrating additional sources to widen the search scope and more.

Security and governance

SharePoint security and governance are critical to ensure your data is secure, minimise any risks and support the longevity of your SharePoint environment. We work with your technical and compliance teams to ensure your SharePoint environment meets the required standards from a security, technical and regulatory standpoint, while supporting the right governance to aid everyday management of the platform.

Digital workplace strategy

SharePoint and Microsoft 365 are strategic investments that can enable digital transformation. We regularly help stakeholders and teams to define and articulate a long-term strategy, vision and roadmap for their digital workplace, which helps to prioritise SharePoint projects, drive consensus across stakeholders and ensures the long-term, strategic direction that delivers value for everybody.

SharePoint out-of-the-box

Native SharePoint continues to evolve, including the development of a range of business-ready features that are included with the intranets. Going out of the box has considerable advantages in cost reduction and ease of management. We can help you take full advantage of native SharePoint while advising on any gaps in functionality that need to be filled.

SharePoint customisation

Understandably many organisations want to limit the customisation of SharePoint, but at times a customised approach can unlock the full power of SharePoint and deliver specific solutions that can revolutionise business processes. From fully-blown custom digital workplaces to single custom SharePoint web parts, we can scope and deliver customisation that will deliver business value.

Architecture and planning

We can advise on your SharePoint architecture and help you plan your environment for today and tomorrow, helping you succeed with current projects, but also ensuring you are future-proofed for the evolution of your digital workplace.

Requirements planning & research

Our consultants can help you scope, define and articulate your SharePoint project requirements. We have a thorough, tried and tested discovery process involving user and stakeholder research taking in interviews, workshops, surveys, technical reviews and more.

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