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Next generation digital workplace...

The modern workplace has changed significantly in recent years, with evolving technologies revolutionising nearly all aspects of how we work, and where we work. This has opened up a stratosphere of limitless opportunities to reimagine and improve nearly all aspects of business processes, operations and communication.

To ensure organisations stay current, succeed in competitive landscapes and utilise the vast array of benefits and capabilities technology has to offer, it is crucial for them to embrace digital transformation and adapt to new digital workplace models.

At Content Formula, we are experts in digital workplace technology and passionate about helping businesses discover new way to evolve and innovate.

Our digital workplace services incorporate strategy, solutions, methodologies and activities relating to areas such as collaboration, search, taxonomy management, information management, research, AI, community management, innovation and more.

Our approach consists of four key components: Communication, Collaboration, Automation and Knowledge...


Providing technology to connect your entire digital workplace...

Communication is essential for any organisation to stay connected with their employees, and to ensure their employees feel connected and engaged with the organisation.

At Content Formula, we provide technology solutions that connect the entire hybrid workforce with the information they need to do their jobs successfully and stay informed with company news and policy, regardless of where they're based.

Our award winning intranet and employee app solutions are designed to reinforces your organisation's culture and keep all employees informed and engaged with company news, information, events, and more. This can help a workforce feel invested and committed to the company and provide a space to build community and comradery.


Facilitating collaboration and productivity across all locations and devices..

With hybrid and remote models that involve employees working across multiple locations and devices, it can often be a challenge for organisations to find effective solutions to bring together team members for collaborative working.

At Content Formula, we provide solutions, apps and tools that are designed to facilitate: collaboration across teams and projects, wider collaboration across communities, document collaboration, online meetings, user workshops, synchronous and asynchronous collaboration, brainstorming, ideation and more.

We understand that when people collaborate, it not only utilises the experience, knowledge, and skills of everyone involved, it also supercharges productivity and fast tracks delivery.


Streamlining processes and driving efficiency...

Business processes are critical to an organisation’s operations, however they can often be time-consuming and laborious. When processes are carried out manually they can be vulnerable to human error, delays, and lead to resourcing costs that can weigh down efficiency.

At Content Formula we help businesses leverages technology such as artificial intelligence and machine learning to automate processes that would have usually been carried out manually. This can streamline business workflows and processes, helping them operate smarter, increase efficiency and improve employee job satisfaction and creativity.


Fast and smart solutions for connecting people with knowledge...

Knowledge management is essential for organisations to ensure that employees spend less time looking for what they need, and more time working with the people they need. The more interactive employees are with knowledge assets, the stronger the value achieved.

At Content Formula, we design, build and deploy bespoke knowledge management systems and enterprise search applications that not only enables easy access to shared ideas, experiences, and up-to-date information, but also provides employees with the resources they need to think outside the box, foster innovation and adapt their organisation to better address evolving business needs.

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