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For non-desk workers, it can often be a challenge to stay connected and informed about news and documents within your organisations. This can lead to a gap in communication and information, as well as a lack of employee community, comradery and happiness.

LiveTiles Reach is an easy to use employee app that connects the entire workforce. It brings your employees, internal comms and organisational data together on an engaging, quick and easy-to-use solution that bridging the gap between office, hybrid and frontline workers.

What is an employee app?

An employee app is a software platform developed to make access to internal communication and tools easier and more convenient. It focuses on mobile device functionality in particular, but is usually designed to be accessible on both mobile and desktop devices.

Employee apps are essential for removing the access and communication barrier within an organisation, particularly where there are remote and frontline workers.

Employee engagement remains a key objective for organisations. Fostering a happier and engaged workforce has a range of benefits that ultimately impact the bottom line: better productivity, lower employee turnover and more focused customer service are just some of the potential outcomes that flow from a satisfied and motivated workforce.

Employee apps can play a crucial part in supporting and keeping employees connected and engaged with their organisation.

Employee engagement app features...

LiveTiles Reach employee app provides a wide variety of power features and functionality that enable engagement and communication with an organisation.

Build trust with clear and accessible info on benefits, policies, CSR, events...

Allow trusted authors to publish news and pages

Get real time insights on how your employees engages with your app

Reach people in MS Teams in the flow of work

Give employees a voice with posts, polls, comments and likes

Drive compliance with mandatory policies reads

Front line workers don't need a company email address or Office 365

Push out urgent messages with notifications

Run multiple news channels for different groups and topics

Publish in multiple languages with manual and auto translation

Reach your employees everywhere and on any device

Publish mandatory content AND provide choice with subscription content

Everything you need in an employee app..

LiveTiles Reach internal communications app and pocket intranet, combines everything you need in an employee app to boosts engagement, retention, and connect all employees wherever the location or device.


Dedicated Channel for Relevant Updates

Communicate independent of location, time and device and reach your desk and non-desk workers alike.

Include externals such as freelancers, contractors and business partners seamlessly into your communication.

Overcome language barriers with automatic translation.


Social Sharing and Conversations

Foster bottom-up and peer-to-peer communication and user-generated content.

Create dedicated communities of practice to exchange knowledge and get support

Ask questions to your network and get feedback from your colleagues.


Structured Content and Knowledge

Provide important information, policies, forms or employee handbooks in a structured way.

Make knowledge available to your non-desk workers right where they need it.

Keep content always current and inform about latest updates through push notifications.


Connected to Colleagues and Experts

Quickly find contact information of all your co-workers to communicate by phone, chat or mail.

Search for skills in our enhanced profiles to find experts.

Include external contacts to reduce time-waste when you need to find your peers outside your organization.


Staff activities and training

Organize and promote your employee events, fun activities, townhall meetings and trainings.

Manage registrations and special attendee requirements and gather feedback through integrated polls.

Make sure agenda updates or important changes get seen.


Optimize your communications

Get insights on every page you publish including how many views, likes, and comments.

Get the big picture with org-wide metrics on pages, devices, language and more.

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