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We are experts in Microsoft technologies and deliver market leading consultancy and development services on: SharePoint, Microsoft 365, Teams, Power Platform and Azure.

Microsoft Modern Workplace solutions provide a secure environment with enhanced collaboration features and streamlined communication tools for the hybrid workforce, helping to improve employee productivity and engagement, whilst maintaining the integrity of systems and data.

Whether you're looking for services and assistance with a particular technology, want to find out how you could be achieving more from your existing Microsoft 365 system, or simply looking to evolve your digital workplace, our team of Microsoft certified developers and consultants can help.

What is the Microsoft Modern workplace?

In today's world, with an ever-increasing number of organisations evolving to a hybrid working model, businesses need their employees to work from anywhere and be able to connect and collaborate seamlessly on any device.

The Microsoft Modern Workplace is one that operates using the suite of Microsoft 365 technologies and collaboration applications. These solutions help businesses transform and evolve their operations whilst managing the complexity of the hybrid workforce.

Digital workplaces powered by Microsoft tools can help an organisation to better connect and engage with their employees wherever they are located, by enhancing communication and collaboration and helping teams to stay productive from anywhere through secure digital workspaces.

Of enterprises use Microsoft Office, and nearly 50% of the world uses Microsoft [1].
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How Microsoft 365 can benefit your business...

Because of the wide variety of tools needed to fully support the digital workplace, Microsoft 365 provides an ideal platform for several reasons:


There are multiple tools suited to different types of collaboration, covering the majority of most companies’ needs.

2. Microsoft is continually investing in the collaboration capabilities of the suite, so you’re future-proofed.

3.The tools integrate together seamlessly to support more advanced collaboration and related use cases.

4.The quality of the tools is high, with well-designed interfaces, useful features and ready-to-go support resources.

5.Considering the breadth of features and functionality you get, the Microsoft subscription cost per user is reasonable.

6.Many organisations already have Office 365 or Microsoft 365, so many employees will have experience with the tools within them.

7.There are multiple other reasons why companies choose to go down the 365 path, so the decision almost becomes a no-brainer.

Microsoft 365 technologies we use...

With market-leading expertise in Microsoft 365, Content Formula can provide Microsoft technology services to suit all your business needs.

We work directly with you to identify the key areas within your business that would benefits from custom application or integration development, then select the technology solution that best meet your objectives

Microsoft 365

Our specialist team of Microsoft certified developers can help to identify the best technology solutions that will make a difference to your business, for instance: where it could quickly and easily resolve user frustrations, save time and money or provide an opportunity to scale.

We then build bespoke applications and system integrations to achieve your business objectives.



SharePoint is a highly flexible platform that can be combined with other elements of Microsoft 365 to produce exceptional custom business apps and services.

As a market-leading SharePoint agency, we have a long, successful track record of delivering SharePoint intranets and bespoke app solutions that are feature rich, user friendly, secure and flexible.


Power Platform

We use the Microsoft Power Platform and its constituent suite of tools to create bespoke applications that are secure, mobile-friendly and fit your individual business requirements.

As individual solutions, or combined with other Microsoft and third-party applications, Power Platform tools provides the features and functionality to significantly enhance business operations, increase productivity and drive efficient working.



Azure combines the power of Microsoft cloud computing services with the customisation required to create custom apps and deploy them at scale on a reliable cloud infrastructure.

Our experienced Microsoft certified Azure development team use Azure integrated cloud services platform to host, create and deploy cloud-based business applications.



In organisations that use Microsoft Teams, it can be beneficial to provide employees with the functionality to access information and complete tasks directly in their flow of work in the Teams application.

At Content Formula, we build custom Teams apps that focus on increasing productivity, communication and collaboration. Our development services range from delivering basic features such as posting notifications, to more complex multi-faceted app functionality.


Find out how our Microsoft technology services can benefit your business.

Request a call back with one of our Microsoft certified experts, for a free consultation about your business.

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