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Microsoft Dataverse.

Dataverse is an important part of the Microsoft Power Platform (specifically Power Apps). It works by storing data that can be managed and used across the entire digital workplace, ensuring consistency and driving efficiency.

At Content Formula our highly experienced team of Dataverse consultants and developers plan, build and implement custom business apps, dashboards and chatbots that leverages the power of Dataverse. We can also help you integrate Dataverse with your existing non-Microsoft tools and applications.

What is the Dataverse?

The Dataverse is an Azure-based environment provided by Microsoft for storing data and information. It is essentially an enormous relational database where data is stored in tables; it is a little like SQL, providing a structured environment where data can be surfaced, updated and queried across different Microsoft applications, including the Power Platform. Non-Microsoft applications can also access data stored in Dataverse.

Access to Dataverse is done through Power Apps licensing, with each license giving you a certain amount of storage based on the number of users. Data stored in Dataverse can be used in any business app, process or dashboard which surfaces or manages data. It can also appear in other systems such as Microsoft Dynamics.

What are the benefits of using Dataverse?

Dataverse supports both small organisations and huge global corporations. It has the potential to store a huge amount of records without compromising performance. Dataverse can provide several business benefits:

Easy to use and manage

One of the challenges of using SQL is that it’s not always easy to use, and in practice you need to get a SQL analyst in or someone with solid experience.

With the Dataverse, it’s much easier to manage your data, for example creating a new table or adding a row to it. This means it can be used successfully by power users who don’t necessarily need to be developers or IT professionals.

Also, because Dataverse is SaaS-based and delivered via Azure, you don’t have to manage the infrastructure. This means you don’t necessarily need specialist roles to manage it on an ongoing basis.

Supports apps and processes

Because Dataverse is very versatile and can be used in conjunction with the Power Platform, you can use the data that’s stored within it to support different multiple business apps and processes.

For example, you might use Power Automate to set up flows to automatically update data in Dataverse, based on user inputs to a form or changes in another system.

Dataverse also has deep integration, with data that is held in Microsoft Dynamics and across Microsoft 365. You could, for example, store metadata relating to items across the 365 suite.

Highly secure

Because it’s an Azure-based platform, Dataverse comes with Microsoft’s normal high standards of security. It’s an extremely secure platform that will tick the boxes of IT functions already leveraging Microsoft approaches and solutions for security.

It also comes with highly flexible and granular approaches to security and permissions, right down to the column-level, to ensure only those who have the rights to view and manage data can.

This granularity around permissions means that Dataverse can meet the complex security and data access needs of organisation.

Works with non-Microsoft platforms

Dataverse comes with a well-documented API and a set of SDKs, that allow businesses to use it with non-Microsoft products.

For example ensuring there is the bi-directional synchronisation of data with an enterprise platform like ServiceNow or Salesforce.

Works with multiple types of data

You can store all types of different data in Dataverse, including numerical values, text, images, documents and unstructured data too.

This means the Dataverse is highly flexible to store all the kind of information, data and content you need.

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A Graphical User Interface (GUI)

This makes it much easier for power users to manage data and tables in the Dataverse.

Import and export

The ability to easily import and export data into the Dataverse, for example using CSV formats.

Power Platform integration

Tight integration with the Power Platform makes it easy to use Dataverse data across different apps, workflows, reports, bots and websites.


A mature Dataverse API and Software Development Kits (SDKs) to support quick integrations with your existing tools.

Scheduled integration

Scheduled integrations with different systems, to ensure data remains synchronised across different platforms and applications.


Tools to help you optimise your data structure.

Dataverse for Teams

A low code data platform and storage environment for Teams that supports the creation of Teams-based apps, workflows and dashboards

How our Microsoft Dataverse consultants can help you...

At Content Formula we help you leverage the power of Microsoft Dataverse with the right solutions that suit your business needs. Our tried and tested agile methodology ensures that we completely understand your business environment and objectives before designing and deploying the right solution.

Our experienced team of Microsoft certified developers can help you design and implement unique solutions and integrations harnessing the power of Microsoft Dataverse technology.

Discovery and strategy

Through our discovery process, we help you identify opportunities where technology solutions can help and add value to your business, and suggest priority areas that will create maximum impact and return on investment.

We then formulate a comprehensive strategy and approach that is aligned to your specific business needs, digital workplace requirements and top-line objectives.

Digital workplace

We help your organisation determine the areas where Dataverse technology could add tangible value and articulate a digital workplace, app or automation strategy that involves managing data within Dataverse.

Advice on data structures

We can help you understand the best way to structure your data and create database schemas within the Datavserse which best support your current and future business needs, ensuring your Dataverse is set up a way which is aligned with both short- and long-term IT and business goals.

Power Platform strategy and roadmap

Want to get the maximum value out of the Power Platform and the Dataverse? We help customers devise a strategy and roadmap for one of the most valued elements of the Microsoft 365 platform.

Microsoft Dynamics and Dataverse

The tight integration between Microsoft Dynamics and Dataverse means you can better exploit the information held in Dynamics and use it across your entire digital workplace; we regularly advise clients on the best way to achieve this.

Build and integrations

Our experienced team of Microsoft certified developers will work with you to scope and design a new and effective solution to meet your business needs, or develop and integrate technology onto your existing system.

Software development using Dataverse

We help create custom business apps, dashboards and chatbots that leverages the power of Dataverse.

Integration with existing apps

We can help you integrate Dataverse with any existing non-Microsoft tools and applications, supporting key organisational systems and processes.

Implementation and training

We can help you implement your technology solutions, often on an ongoing basis to support continuous improvement. Our role can differ, we can either complete the technical configuration and development, or work with your IT function as technical advisors to support your inhouse operations.

Dataverse implementation

We can support you in your implementation project, covering everything from the set-up, to integrating it with other business processes and systems.

Dataverse training

We can train your team with everything relating to the Dataverse, covering both IT and non-IT professionals. Our training can be custom to your needs, if required.

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