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Power Automate.

Power Automate (formerly Microsoft Flow) is a workflow engine that is part of Microsoft’s Power Platform. It helps businesses to introduce Robot Process Automation (RPA) – streamlining repetitive tasks at scales – as well as improving and automating specific business processes.

At Content Formula our highly experienced team of Power Automate consultants and Microsoft certified developers: advise, build and implement Power Automate solutions and integrations that can help bring together your organisations processes, data, and people.

What is Microsoft Power Automate?

Automating business processes across the digital workplace is critical for driving efficiency and raising productivity. Many organisations still have plenty of opportunities to eliminate repetitive and unnecessary tasks, streamline workflows, avoid the use of email, and even eliminate paper forms. But automation can be complicated, especially when you have a digital workplace that is made up of so many different applications and tools.

Power Automate brings a whole range of benefits. Much of these relate to the general value of automation and workflow technology that allows you to streamline processes, eliminating the need for employees to carry out unnecessary tasks which waste time and increase the chance of errors.

At a high level this:
• saves time for employees and allows them to redirect this to more valuable activities
• increases data accuracy and avoids the chance of errors across processes
• reduces costs
• directs processes away from the use of email and paper
• reduces frustration for employees having to do mindless and repetitive tasks
• reduces the overall time a process takes to complete by eliminating steps
• helps to standardise processes across large and complex organisations

What are the key benefits of Power Automate?

Power Automate is built to automate workflows across the whole of Microsoft 365 and work together with the rest of the Power Platform. This is very powerful because it means you can easily create custom workflows that are specific to your needs.

For example, you may be using SharePoint Online intranet and want to create publishing approval workflow, or you may want to automatically update some Microsoft Teams analytics within a Power BI report. Both of these are possible with Power Automate.

Scalability and flexibility

Power Automate is a very flexible tool that is also very scalable, allowing it to bring value to both simple and complex processes, that are both central and large-scale, or local and executed less often.

From mass Robot Process Automation (RPA), to that simple team-level workflow that makes a significant difference to specific roles, Power Automat handles both.

Having the same tool being able to meet a wide range of use cases only extends the value of Power Automate.

Supports citizen developers

Like the rest of the Power Platform, Power Automate is a "low code / no code" solution that means power users don’t necessarily have to be IT professionals can use it.

This empowers local teams to create simple workflows and automation through citizen development efforts, allowing central development teams to concentrate on more complex automation, and extending the reach of automation through the enterprise.

Increases the ROI of Microsoft 365

Businesses get more value out of their Microsoft 365 by applying automation to the right scenarios and workflows. Power Automate effectively increases the ROI of any investment in Microsoft 365.

Also, like many of the other apps within the 365 suite, Microsoft continue to invest in Power Automate, with new enhancements, features, connectors and templates.

Automation beyond Microsoft 365

Because Power Automate comes with an extensive library of connectors out of the box, it means it’s easy to combine Power Automate in combination with popular enterprise systems such as Salesforce and ServiceNow, bringing automation across a wider area of your digital workplace.

Speed to market while ticking the security box

The overall capabilities and features of Power Automate allow teams to implement workflow automation both quickly, reducing speed to market, but also without compromising security as it is part of the Microsoft 365 environment.

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Of enterprise IT decision makers agree that process automation is vital to digital transformation[1].
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Connectors library

Power Automate comes with an ever-expanding searchable library of hundreds of connectors to well-known and lesser-known non-Microsoft apps, some available within the existing license and other “premium” connectors available for additional payment.

Templates library

There is also an extensive and growing library of templates covering particular workflows or tasks. These are categorised into areas such as remote work, approval, data collection, email and Visio. Templates are both supplied by Microsoft and the wider Power Automate community, and help teams to add workflows out of the box, or use them as a starting point to customise to their own needs.

A visual authoring canvas

As Power Automate is a low code no code solution it comes with an intuitive and visual authoring canvas with drag and drop, which makes it easier for non-IT professionals to create workflows.

Process Advisor

One of the most innovative features of Power Automate is the “Process Advisor” which provides insights and analytics on existing workflows, for example identifying bottlenecks and supplying meaningful metrics. This allows users to continually improve processes, all through a suitably intuitive interface.

AI Builder

Another core feature is the AI builder, which allows users to build AI models and automation, step-by-step, effectively lowering the barrier to leveraging the power of AI and supporting intelligent automation.

Tight integration with Microsoft 365 and Power Platform

Power Automate has tight integration with Microsoft 365 and the rest of the Power Platform, so is the ideal tool to automate anything across a Microsoft-powered digital workplace.

Different flavours for mobile, desktop, web and Microsoft Teams

Power Automate's flexibility extends to the medium which the automation can be applied. It comes with editions for desktop, mobile, web (a central portal) and Microsoft Teams.

How our Microsoft Power Automate consultants can help you...

At Content Formula we can help you leverage the potential of the Power Automate to bring together your organisations processes, data, and people. Our tried and tested agile methodology ensures that we completely understand your business environment and objectives before designing and deploying the right solution.

Our experienced team of Microsoft certfied developers can help you design and implement unique solutions and integrations harnessing the power of Microsoft Power Platform technology.

Discovery and strategy

Through our discovery process, we help you identify opportunities where technology solutions can help add value to your business, and suggest priority areas that will create maximum impact and return on investment.

We then formulate a comprehensive strategy and approach that is aligned to your specific business needs, digital workplace requirements and top-line objectives.

Business automation strategy and roadmap

Every business wants to improve efficiency and there are always opportunities to streamline specific business processes, as well as introduce Robot Process Automation. But sometimes it’s hard to know where to start. We work with clients to develop a business automation strategy that identifies opportunities to use Power Automate to generate value, and to plan an accompanying roadmap.

Digital workplace strategy

We work with clients to articulate a digital workplace strategy and accompanying roadmap. This can have automaton at the heart of it, using Power Automate to deliver services and content, and even supporting the management of the digital workplace itself.

Build and integrations

Our experienced team of Microsoft certified developers will work with you to scope and design a new and effective solution to meet your business needs, or help you to migrate from your existing automation and workflow platforms over to Power Automate.

Custom Power Automate solutions, and apps

Are you looking to use the Power Automate to create a specific business solution or app? Often digital workplace teams have specific process workflows or apps in mind that they wish to implement. We can help design and develop your workflow or app, using Power Automate and the wider Power Platform.

Migration from another automation platform

There are other automation and workflow platforms on the market, and sometimes organisations wish to transition to Power Automate. We can help you plan and execute your migration.

Implementation and training

We can help you implement your technology solutions, often on an ongoing basis to support continuous improvement. Our role can differ, we can either complete the technical configuration and development, or work with your IT function as technical advisors to support your inhouse operations.

Power Automate implementation

We can support you in your implementation project, covering everything from the set-up, to integrating it with other business processes and systems.

Power Automate Training

We can provide training to both IT and non-IT resources on how to use Power Automate, and customise this to your particular needs. For example, it could even be part of a “citizen development” programme.

Technical advisory

Need technical advice on elements of Power Automate? Our technical experts are on hand to help.

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