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Why use SharePoint Policy management software?

It can be a challenge for any organisation to manage multiple documents, keep policies up-to-date, train employees and achieve company-wide compliance.

Which is why many businesses look to employ a policy management software to help policy owners and digital workplace teams effectively manage their content throughout its lifecycle, ensuring it is up-to-date, accurate and effectively distributed to users.

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The importance of policy management...

Policy management is important for every organisation. It helps to minimise risk, achieve regulatory compliance and standardise the way employees do things to drive efficiency.

It is essential within an organisation that employees have access to the right policies, procedures and forms so that they have the correct information to carry out tasks and perform their roles. Policies can range from staff handbooks, IT usage policy, holiday request process, social media guideline or supplier due diligence, through to important compliance information such as health and safety regulations, safeguarding and more.

When employees don’t follow the right policies, there can be several potential risks. Outcomes can range from minor to very serious, particularly in regulated industries such as financial services, where there can be strict guidelines for interaction with customers or processes which must be followed to reduce risk.

Policy management software can help organisations resolve many of the challenges and pain points associated with policy management and make thte process easier and more effective and more efficient.

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Reasons why SharePoint policy management is the best approach

If your organisation is using Microsoft 365 or SharePoint on-premises, then it makes sense to leverage the power of SharePoint to help better manage your policy documents. Read more about reasons to use SharePoint for policy management here.


Document storage

SharePoint provides a secure place to store your policy documents in-house and under your control, where as traditional cloud policy management tools often store documents on their own infrastructure. This can be a problem if you decide at any time to move providers, as you would need to find a way to to migrate your policies on to the new system or risk losing them.


Document version control

SharePoint document libraries provide functionalty to switch on version control. This means that all versions and changes made to a policy, are automatically saved, and enables you to roll-back to older versions if necessary. This is particularly helpful in the context of policy management, as it ensures that if there is ever any litigation issues, you can go back to a previous version to see what was in place at the time of an incident.


Document metadata

SharePoint document libraries provides the functionality to add metadata such as tags, descriptions, department, owners, contacts, etc to policy documents. This data can act as a useful tool to help users find particulary policies based on how they have been tagged, without necessarily knowing the name of the policy.


Document search

SharePoint document search is a powerful tool that can help uses easily search document titles and content. Due to its integration with Microsoft Graph, it can also suggest results that are relevant to the person who is searching.


Permissions and access control

SharePoint provides powerful permissions and access control, to enable full control over who owns, can edit or can read a document. Integration with Active Directory groups can provide a very targeted way to control access.


You can target policies

SharePoint is able to integrate with Azure Active Directory and the 365 groups that have been set up to help target policies to the right groups, such as new hires or a function like engineering or sales staff. You can also ensure people access the right policy based on their profile.

Xoralia policy management software
Find out more about Xoralia policy software
Introducing Xoralia policy management software

Xoralia is a policy management software that has been specifically designed and developed for SharePoint. It offers an intelligent solution that automates and streamlines the entire policies and procedures lifecycle, providing an easy-to-use, efficient and effective way for organisations to achieve compliance and minimise risk.

It is perfect for organisations who are using or planning to use SharePoint, Teams and Microsoft office 365, as it provides users with a quick-to-deploy central policy library and enables users to store important documents inside their existing SharePoint libraries, whilst accessing and managing them through Xoralia’s powerful document management tools and user-friendly front end interface.

The software is a powerful solution that provides:

Easy, central access to the latest version of your organisations policy and procedure documents

Robust policy management with assigned policy owners and regular reviews across different departments and functions

The ability to easily distribute and track the progress of mandatory policy reads , as well as other useful analytics

Target and notify users of their policy tasks

Automate the policy lifecycle

Keep everything in SharePoint and Teams

xoralia policy management for sharepoint

Central policy library.

Xoralia effectively provides a central policy and procedure library that can be reached via a SharePoint-based intranet. When accessing Xoralia, users are presented with an attractive and intuitive interface that has been designed to help employees find the policies that they need.

Complete auditability.

Xoralia leverages the power of SharePoint to provide a complete audit trail of document changes and the functionality to review and track policies, which can be particualry helpful for internal auditing purposes.

Track mandatory reads.

Xoralia has the ability to track whether employees are carrying out mandatory reads. If a policy is marked as a mandatory read, users can access the document within the app and attest that they have read and understood it. This information can then be viewed in Xoralia's analytics suite, to see the percentage of users who have read the policy.

Robust policy management features

Xoralia provides robust policy management features that can help ensure that documents are kept up-to-date and your library remains the one source of truth for policies.


Xoralia notifications ensure that policy owners are reminded to review the policies they own. It provides an intuitive dashboard that displays to the policy owner the policies that are due for review or have expired.


Xoralia analytics provides policy owners with the percentage of users that have read a policy, as well as providing administrators with detailed analytics that displays the status of all mandatory reads.

Powerful findability

Findability can play an important role for both policy owners and users. Employees need to find the right policy quickly. The Xoralia app includes a powerful search facility where employees can enter the specific keywords they are looking for and additionally filter by different categories as well as custom tags.

Easy set-up and deployment

Xoralia is very quick and easy to implement. Because the software can be applied to an existing SharePoint library it means you can easily convert an existing policy library to Xoralia. It can also be deployed from within any SharePoint intranet or other SharePoint site.

Xoralia Screenshots...

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