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Webinar – AI in the digital workplace


AI in the Digital Workplace

An introduction into AI with a specific focus on the digital workplace, the opportunities it has to offer, and how your organisation can get started.

Wednesday 13 September 2023
Time: 2:00-3:00pm (UK Time)

Watch our online webinar to learn:

Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology is changing the digital workplace in many ways: it's changing intranets, knowledge management, digital processes and more. For businesses it can be hard to keep up with the impact it is having, and the potential it has for employee engagement and productivity.

In this webinar we explore the world of AI: the opportunities and tangible value it offers, and what your organisation should be doing to get started.

About the webinar:

AI has the potential to significantly transform and improve many aspects of the digital workplace, from the way we work to the environment and culture in which we work in. But, don't be fooled to think this is something in the far distant future - this is happening now and to ensure your organisation is evolving and maintaining a competitive advantage, we recommend getting started as soon as possible.

In this webinar, our expert panel discuss what AI is, the opportunities it has to offers, and cover everthing you need to know to help your organisation get started.


  • What is AI?
  • How does AI sit within the Digital Workplace?
  • What are Microsoft doing to facilitate AI in their ecosystem?
Where do we see the opportunities with AI?

  • The opportunity landscape
  • What are our clients doing?
What should your organisation be doing now to get started?

  • How to harness services in Azure.
  • Training on how to use the platforms that can be harnessed.
  • Guidance for adoption of internal and external tools.
How can Content Formula help you?

  • Helping your organisation understand the art of the possible.
  • Discovery: a research-based methodology to define what AI can help your organisation.
  • Creating User Experience based prototyping.
  • Simple tests to test the quality of output on current AI you're using.
  • The build and development of AI solutions.
Questions - an opportunity for you to ask our expert panel your specific questions.

What you will learn:

Watch our expert panel for a 60 minute webinar where you will learn everything you need to know about AI in the digital workplace and how your organisation can get started.

• Introduction about AI and the digital workplace.

• What we mean by generative AI.

• The opportunities for businesses to leverage AI, with specific examples of how it can help.

• How you can get started with using AI in your digital workplace.

• Examples of technologies used for AI.

Your panel

Dan Hawtrey
Content Formula - Managing Director

Dan is an intranet thought leader - he blogs and speaks publicly on a regular basis. Dan gets involved with all projects and provides clients with strategic advice to ensure their intranets launch successfully, are widely adopted by users and have a high return on investment.

Joe Perry
Content Formula - Technical Director

Joe oversees the technical delivery of all our projects at Content Formula. He has over 11 years development experience and works closely with our UX consultants and clients to understand requirements and design appropriate technical solutions.

Alex Yeoman
Content Formula - Sales Manager

Alex has experience in running and triaging support at Content Formula across multiple clients and solutions such as intranets, learning management systems and custom solutions. He works with new clients, understanding challenges and objectives and recommending solutions

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