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Microsoft Teams intranet.

Equip with collaboration features like chat, calls and meetings, and the capability to integrate with the entire Microsoft 365 suite, Microsoft Teams has quickly become a popular virtual collaboration platform for hybrid working.

LiveTiles (formerly known as Wizdom) for Teams allows you to build your intranet into the Microsoft Teams environment and make it the one-stop digital workplace. It also allows you to govern the Teams creation process and prevent Teams sprawl.

A one-stop digital workplace in Microsoft Team

Join everything together in a personalised and intelligent system consisting of news, content and tools that link across all platforms. LiveTiles for Teams helps you to break down the silos between applications, and delivers one comprehensive corporate dashboard in Teams that helps you to keep up-to-date with information and get work done.

No more searching in silos and relying on memory to find the presentation you are looking for. No more checking and registering data in a multitude of applications to be on top of things.

When you’ve logged on to MS Teams, you have access to everything. Simply, everything you need to get work done.

Stay connected to your team, anywhere, everywhere...

LiveTiles Everywhere is essentially an enterprise intranet within MS Teams. It's panel structure allows you effortlessly slide between core business tools whilst continuing to work within MS Teams and SharePoint.

LiveTiles Everywhere key features...

LiveTiles Everywhere for Teams provides a comprehensive catalogue of features and functionalities, allowing users to accomplish almost all their daily tasks in one single location.

Platform integration

LiveTiles Everywhere seamlessly integrates with your SharePoint and Teams environments. Displayed in the left-hand side in SharePoint and the header in Teams, Everywhere brings together your favourite platforms to form a powerful enterprise intranet.

Personalised content

LiveTiles Everywhere's customisable panel functionality lets you deliver personalised and tailored content to your team, enabling you to display content that is relevant to everyone in your organisation then curate information targeted to specific audiences and groups.

Easy access and findability

With LiveTiles Everywhere, everything you need is at your fingertips. No need to spend time searching intranet pages to find content and business tools you need, everything can be quickly and easily accessed in a unified dashboard that combines both SharePoint and Teams.

Fast installation

Because LiveTiles Everywhere is a cloud application, the installation and onboarding process can be completed in a lighting fast timeframe and is code-free. It automatically connects and installs the LiveTiles Everywhere application to your SharePoint environment within minutes.

Governance and simplicity...

All Office 365 groups and teams automatically live up to company defined standards

By creating new teams based on fixed templates, users intuitively establish groups and teams with a suitable level of security and governance for the business purpose.

Data is systematically collected for each team created, ensuring all teams are optimised for findability and governance.

Govern Teams creation your way...

Catch sprawl in its making. LiveTiles allows you to control the Microsoft Teams creation process through approval flows and templates with fixed standards for security level, roles, theme and logo.

A built-in governance flow will clear away inactive MS Teams and create a clutter free environment for your business to collaborate in.

All the time you will stay in control of flows. Restore archived MS Teams and change processes if you like, but feel free to let go of tiresome manual tasks like creating a new Team every time it’s requested by a user.

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