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Microsoft Teams intranet.

Equipped with collaboration features like chat, calls and meetings, and the capability to integrate with the entire Microsoft 365 suite, Microsoft Teams has quickly become a popular virtual collaboration platform for hybrid working.

As a result, more and more organisations are choosing to build their intranet inside the Teams app, creating a one-stop digital workplace and making it easy for employees to access everything in the flow of work.

A one-stop digital workplace in Microsoft Team

Whether you are using Viva Connections or a want something more custom, it's possible to join everything together in a personalised and intelligent system: news, content, search, tools, 3rd party apps - your imagination is your limit. Building your intranet in Teams helps you to break down the silos between applications, and delivers one comprehensive corporate dashboard so people can keep up to date and get work done.

No more searching in silos and relying on memory to find the presentation you are looking for. No more checking and registering data in a multitude of applications to be on top of things.

When you’ve logged on to MS Teams, you have access to everything you need to get work done.

On desktop, tablet, mobile - anywhere, everywhere...

A Teams intranet is available on all devices, giving the employee the choice of how and when to interact with your organisation.

Teams intranet key benefits...

Making your intranet available in Teams brings new and unique benefits that simply didn't exist before.

One single platform

Your intranet can seamlessly appear on both SharePoint and Teams environments. It's essentially the same intranet, just on different platforms, so you get the full power and flexibility of a SharePoint intranet but inside Teams.

Personalised content

Teams intranets allow you to target news, pages and tools to those audiences that need them. Advanced personalisation means you can de-clutter the employee experience, keeping things simple and relvant for everyone.

All your tasks in one place

A Teams intranet built with Microsoft Viva Connections means tasks are surfaced automatically to your personal dashboard. Need to book a hotdesk? Check. Approve expenses? Check. Review a holiday request? Check. All workplace tasks are aggregated into a single, personal dashboard.

The intranet in everyone's pocket

Making the intranet available on mobile has never been easier. Previously you needed to build a complicated app(or buy an expensive one). With Teams the app is already there, you just need to switch it on.

Get started today

Get in touch with us to find out how quickly you get have a fully operational intranet in Teams. Whether you are starting from scratch or already have a SharePoint intranet, we can help.

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