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A LiveTiles intranet helping employees to stay informed, access critical information and to learn


A LiveTiles intranet helping employees to stay informed, access critical information and to learn

Supporting a better, safer railway

RSSB is a membership organisation dedicated to supporting a better, safer railway across Britain through research, standards and analysis.

To help the organisation's two hundred employees improve the UK's rail network, RSSB needed a central place for employees to communicate and collaborate as well as access critical operational documentation.

Seizing the opportunities presented by a move to Office 365, the company also wanted a lively, dynamic intranet which would support employee engagement and provide access to learning materials.

A new LiveTiles intranet

Leveraging a long-term relationship with Content Formula, RSSB's Communications team asked us to help them build a compelling new intranet which would transform internal communications but also make the working day easier for every employee.

To properly scope a solution, we spent time interviewing stakeholders and users about their daily work and the challenges they faced. Taking these diverse needs into account, we recommended implementing a LiveTiles (formerly known as Wizdom) intranet, with all the flexibility and range of functionality it includes.

A compelling and lively homepage

The new intranet homepage has become a focus for what's happening at RSSB - a dynamic snapshot of activity across the organisation. As well as centrally-driven internal communications, it features updates from RSSB's different directorates and a feed of the latest employee blogs. The latest items from RSSB's website are also displayed so employees can see how the organisation is communicating externally.

An attractive banner also sits across every intranet page and can be targeted to different groups, supporting effective messaging and campaigns.

Opening up learning for all

The new intranet also includes a full calendar of learning events where employees can browse a catalogue of available courses and then register for each one. Using LiveTiles's in-built event management functionality, the training calendar is already receiving excellent adoption and providing data and insights into the learning habits and needs of the company.

An intranet which helps employees get things done

To ensure the intranet is wrapped around the way employees work, a task-driven navigation helps users to find the content and services they really need.

As well as finding core information about the company such as strategy and business plans, it was also critical that employees were able to access RSSB's existing Business Management System (BMS), a library of RSSB's operational and procedural documentation. We helped the team to migrate the BMS to SharePoint Online from an on-premises version and integrate it into the heart of the intranet experience. Some customisation also means BMS documents can also be accessed through LiveTiles's attractive Forms, Policies and Procedures library.

Collaboration that really works

Collaboration is key to the way RSSB works. This has also been enabled with LiveTiles's own collaboration workspaces embedded right into the intranet, with suitable templates automatically created for different types of workspace.

Whether it's a working group, an expert forum, a project, a cross-functional team or even a social group, the right space is automatically provisioned based on user need.

Going from strength to strength

Although only a few months old, the new intranet is already having a significant impact on RSSB and its employees.

Communication has improved, collaboration has been strengthened and employees can access critical documents more quickly and efficiently. Meanwhile attendance at courses has increased. The intranet is going from strength to strength.

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