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Author: Hannah Barltrop


Intranet homepage design

Seven must have SharePoint web parts

In this post we look at seven must-have web parts or features that appear on multiple homepages. To help illustrate these, we’ve included a screenshot (with dummy content) of a global intranet based on SharePoint Online

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How to migrate from Slack to Microsoft Teams

Whilst Slack can co-exist happily with Teams, it’s less than ideal, and often digital workplace teams find themselves having to plan an additional migration of Slack from Teams. In this post we explore some of the things you need to think about in planning a Slack to Teams migration.

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Dan Hawtrey

Dan Hawtrey – CEO Dan has worked on intranets since 1997 as an intranet and knowledge manager at Johnson & Johnson. He moved from the

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Olga Sherbakova

Olga Sherbakova – Operations Director Olga works tirelessly – often behind the scenes – to ensure projects run smoothly, risks are anticipated and mitigated, and

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Joe Perry

Joe Perry: Technical Director Joe oversees the technical delivery of all our projects. He works closely with our UX consultants and clients to understand requirements

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