The everything intranet: people, learning and human success webinar

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The everything intranet:

people, learning and human success

About the session:

There’s a quiet revolution happening in workplaces around the world. Slowly but surely, old, dysfunctional intranets, unloved and unused by employees, are being cast out and replaced with an intranet that guarantees adoption and engagement. This transformative session is presented by Content Formula, featuring guest panellists from LMS365. Explore groundbreaking strategies that will revolutionise your intranet and reshape the way you think about intranets, learning, and organisational success.

Key topics and speakers:


What is the “everything intranet”?

Explore why organisations are positioning the intranet as the core of the digital workplace and employee experience; and what does the “everything intranet” look like.


What is “human success"?

 What is the vision and the importance of “human success” for your organisation and its employees.


Delivering human success in your digital workplace

Demonstrating practical tools for enhancing workplace learning and developmental feedback.

Why attend?

This webinar tackles a key industry issue: the need for robust digital platforms that facilitate not just employee engagement, but also foster a culture of continuous development and success. 

In this session, you’ll discover:

  • Innovative strategies: learn how to leverage digital tools to enhance workforce engagement and efficiency.
  • Expert insights: gain knowledge from industry leaders on implementing successful digital workplace transformations.
  • Actionable solutions: equip yourself with practical approaches to address current workplace challenges.

Panel of experts:

Dan Hawtrey

CEO, Content Formula

Dan is an intranet thought leader – he blogs and speaks publicly on a regular basis. Dan gets involved with all projects and provides clients with strategic advice to ensure their intranets launch successfully, are widely adopted by users and have a high return on investment.

John Scott

User Experience Director, Content Formula

John has worked across both design and technical disciplines – a rare combination that allow him to build a bridge between the user experience and technical teams. This means that feasibility, usability, delivery and ease of maintenance are baked-into all of our solutions.

Robin Daniels

Chief Business and Product Officer, LMS365

Robin is the Chief Business and Product Officer at LMS365. Robin is a 3 x CMO with more than 20 years experience in marketing and growth leadership roles at Salesforce, Box, LinkedIn, Matterport, and WeWork. He’s done 2.5 IPOs, acquisitions, and led companies through hyper-growth to become epic.

Travis Damgaard Campbell

Sales Director, LMS365

Travis Damgaard Campbell is the visionary UK Sales Director and an honorary Chief Human Success Officer at LMS365. With precision and passion, Travis leads the charge in reshaping corporate learning, elevating employee engagement, and amplifying team performance within the Microsoft 365 ecosystem.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Free webinar



People, Learning and Human Success

Free webinar



People, Learning and
Human Success

Free webinar



People, Learning and
Human Success

Free webinar

People, Learning and Human Success

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