An innovative approach to leveraging project-driven knowledge

?What If!

An innovative approach to leveraging project-driven knowledge

An innovative approach to leveraging project-driven knowledge

A LiveTiles (formerly known as Wizdom) intranet with custom Knowledge Management features to drive exceptional client service

?What If! helps organisations to innovate new products, services and ways to operate. The company’s two hundred staff use project methodologies to deliver exceptional outcomes for clients.

To drive effective communication and engagement, the company was looking for a modern intranet solution which could integrate with Office 365.

Additionally, the management team wanted a better way to share project knowledge. In any project there are valuable files which are an essential reference point for future work - sparking ideas, driving efficiencies and inspiring clients.

Staff were finding it difficult to tap into this rich seam of knowledge. Once a project was finished valuable documents became invisible, lost in archived Teams spaces, emails or in the file network.

?What if! engaged Content Formula to deliver a new compelling intranet and build an effective Knowledge Management solution for project output which would integrate with Office 365 and Microsoft Teams.

Driving requirements

To create detailed requirements, we held several workshops with key stakeholders and user groups.

It was clear that any solution hinged around the project review process, the moment when a project is formally closed. Teams needed to identify and valuable files – the “project gold” – and tag them accordingly so they could be easily found.To make this process sustainable, the solution had to be quick, easy-to-use and leverage automation.

With requirements agreed, we worked closely with the client to design and build the solution, using wire-framing, prototyping and testing to iterate and improve the final deliverable.

Using the power of LiveTiles

We designed a solution which uses LiveTiles, a leading turnkey intranet product based on SharePoint Online.

LiveTiles offers an attractive interface, effective news publishing, easy-to-manage pages, a strong search and integration with Office 365 tools, as well as a flexible platform to meet future digital workplace ambitions.

This custom search interface allows employees to search for re-usable materials from past projects that were stored in MS Teams.

A simple but clever Knowledge Management solution

We also delivered an innovative custom-built Knowledge Management solution integrated with Microsoft Teams and the intranet.

Project teams can place their most valuable "gold" documents in a special folder within Microsoft Teams. There is also an automated archiving process, where “gold” documents are automatically tagged with project metadata to aid findability and minimise the effort for team members. An attractive intranet page for each project is also created where users can view project details and access documents.

A new custom intranet search interface helps employees find valuable project files based on different criteria. A further integration with Delve and people search allows users to discover projects which other staff have been involved with.

A sustainable solution built around the way people work

At last !What If?! has a sustainable Knowledge Management solution which connects the dots between projects, project knowledge and people. This is driving efficiencies and improving project delivery where staff can leverage the successful approaches and material from previous efforts.

!What if? also has an excellent new intranet which is going from strength-to-strength; streamlining communication, collaboration and knowledge-sharing, while also encouraging the use of Office 365 tools.

MS Teams for live projects are accessible from client sections on the intranet. This is where admins can decommission the Teams of closed projects. Each archived project has a page on the intranet that lists the documents captured from MS Teams and the project team members.

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