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Gartner adds Wizdom Intranet to their Cool Vendor list

Cool Vendors in the Digital Workplace for 2017Gartner, the IT research and advisory firm, has added Wizdom Intranet to its list of Cool Vendors in the Digital Workplace for 2017. Only two other companies made the grade. The Cool Vendor badge is a great vote of confidence for Wizdom and puts it firmly on the radar screen of enterprise IT decision makers.

Notable quotations from the report

“Wizdom distinguishes itself by offering building blocks and tools that empower business leaders and employees to do the building, without the typical risks of customization.”

Wizdom finds the elusive balance between a ready-to-go packaged intranet and a highly customizable platform to support digital workplace efforts.

About the Cool Vendor report

Theres a formal process for nominating Cool Vendors. Each January, all Gartner analysts are asked to put forward their nominations for up-and-coming tech companies they think will disrupt their sector the most. Cool Vendors often later find their way into Gartners prestigious Magic Quadrant. They are definitely ones to watch.

The Cool Vendors in the Digital Workplace report was published on 10th May 2017 and was written by DWP analysts Jim Murphy, Matthew Cain, Carol Rozwell, Dean Freeman and Gaving Tay. 

You can get your copy of the Cool Vendors in the Digital Worplace 2017 report if you are a Gartner subscriber or you can buy one.

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