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LiveTiles acquires leading ‘pocket’ intranet software

We’re proud to be LiveTiles’s top partner with more Wizdom implementations than any other partner in the world. Today we’re excited to hear that LiveTiles has acquired a new technology that we’ll be able to offer our customers. They’ve acquired CYCL, a Swiss company with two products: one is called Condense – it’s a mobile intranet delivered as a SaaS solution and is ideal for mobile workers that don’t necessarily have an Office 365 account. The other product is Matchpoint, a SharePoint product that complements Wizdom really nicely. We’ll find out more soon but for now, we’ve got a copy of the press release below:

Overview of CYCL

CYCL is headquartered in Basel, Switzerland with offices in Bern, Zurich and Boston. CYCLs highly experienced founders and senior management team include Patrick Pűntener (CEO and co-founder), Matthias Walter (CFO and co-founder), Thomas Brunner (COO), Urs Wermelinger (Chief Marketing Officer) and Matthias Weibel (Head of Product Development). The business was founded in 1999 and since the inclusion of its own intranet software products, has grown its revenues, customer base and staff substantially.

CYCL has 156 customers including many global brands and multinationals such as PwC, Roche, Shell, Siemens, SwissLife and the United Nations.

The business has 56 staff, including highly regarded services capabilities that are complementary to its product portfolio. CYCL has 10 active reseller partners and longstanding expertise in managing a high quality, low-cost nearshoring product development team to complement its Swiss-based product team.

CYCL recently established a sales presence in the US (Boston), and has a strong pipeline of qualified opportunities.

Overview of products

CYCL has two differentiated and highly complementary intranet software products: Condense and MatchPoint.

Condense: unlike full-service intranet software that requires bespoke implementation services in order to deploy and go live within an organisation, CYCLs recently developed Condense product is a mobile-focused cloud SaaS product enabling organisations to rapidly configure and launch a pocket intranet. Given the nature of this cloud product, LiveTiles sees strong opportunity to leverage the Condense technology to speed up the sales and deployment process for customers.

Condense significantly expands LiveTiles total addressable market through its focus on organisations with large front-line or mobile workforces, as well as smaller organisations. Critically, Condense enables organisations to reach front-line workers without traditional company IT account access the employee simply needs a mobile phone. Condense drives employee engagement and corporate culture across an organisation, providing content authoring and publishing, a native employee app and enterprise grade connectivity and security.

MatchPoint: an award-winning turnkey intranet solution aimed at enterprise-wide deployments, with a particular strength in financial services and the public sector (including on-premise deployments).

The combination of joint capabilities between CYCLs MatchPoint product, LiveTiles and Wizdom creates an enhanced Intelligent Workplace offering which will open up greater enterprise opportunities. The enhanced Intelligent Workplace offering will also help attract more and stronger partners given the increased opportunity for services with enterprise customers.

MatchPoint is built on the same Microsoft technology platforms as LiveTiles/Wizdom, thereby offering strong product and sales channel synergies.

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