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LiveTiles named a strong performer among the 12 most significant providers in the intranet platform category.

LiveTiles named a strong performer with global presence and a rich set of digital employee experience tools

We are delighted that our partner LiveTiles is identified as one of the strong performers in the intranet category with the third highest score in the market presence category:

“LiveTiles continues to build a global presence and rich set of digital employee experience tools via its services know-how and focused acquisitions. Its strategy is to build a comprehensive set of intelligent workplace capabilities with the intranet as a foundation on which to grow. The vendor has a clear focus on serving large global enterprises and will make investments to extend its platform breadth as well as establish a presence in key markets.”


The report emphasises the importance of personalised experiences and cloud delivery as both critical to intranet adoption. Among our strengths, LiveTiles was noted for its…

“…design and templating capabilities. Nondevelopers have the ability to tailor and tune the user interfaces, and users can personalize their preferred communication channels, such as Microsoft Teams or mobile notifications.”

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