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Webinar: Reaching a hybrid work force with an employee app

About the webinar:

During this webinar we looked at how to effectively bridge the gap in your companies Microsoft 365 communication system by using an employee app to reach frontline and external users, keeping the entire work force connected, engaged and productive.

Many organisations use communication systems such as Microsoft 365 to reach their employees with important updates. Whilst these platforms are generally successful at connecting with employees, some organisations still face challenges when reaching a full hybrid workforce.

This is typically for one of three reasons:

Not all employees have a Microsoft 365 licence or access to the platform
When an organisation has more than one Microsoft 365 tenant environment (often due to acquisitions or mergers)
Some field-workers struggle to access and use the platforms on mobile devices

In this webinar we explore the solutions to all these problems.

Watch the webinar:

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What you will learn in this webinar:

In this 60 minute workshop our expert panel provide solutions to all your employee communication issues and cover:

• The different types of employee apps available, and the features and functionality each of them offer.

• How employee apps can help increase employee communication, productivity, company engagement, and improve the overall employee experience within your organisation.

• How to best use employee apps to successfully reach and communicate with all you employees, whether they work in an office, remotely or are field-based.

The panel

Alex Yeoman
Content Formula - Sales Manager

Alex has experience in running and triaging support at Content Formula across multiple clients and solutions such as intranets, learning management systems and custom solutions. He works with new clients, understanding challenges and objectives and recommending solutions

John Scott
Content Formula - UX Director

John has worked across both design and technical disciplines - a rare combination that allow him to build a bridge between the user experience and technical teams. This means that feasibility, usability, delivery and ease of maintenance are baked-into all of our solutions.

Lars Nielsen
Livetiles - Sales Manager

Lars has been working with LiveTiles for the past 6 years and been involved in a large amount of enterprise class digital workplace projects based on M365 SharePoint, MS Teams and the Reach frontline worker app. Prior to joining LiveTiles, lars held corporate management positions in the software industry in the EMEA region and before that also spend years in Silicon Valley (US).

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