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Wizdom Intranet is now available on the G-Cloud 9 (within the Governments Digital Marketplace)

We are excited to announce that Wizdom Intranet is now available to procure through G-cloud DfT Id templates9, the UK Governments digital marketplace. More Information about Wizdom Intranet can be found on the Digital Marketplace.

Wizdom is an award winning off-the-shelf intranet for Office 365 and/or SharePoint. It can also be installed on SharePoint on-premises. Wizdom extends and simplifies SharePoint and Office 365’s capabilities, creating intranets that are intuitive to navigate, easy to maintain and highly configurable. It can be set up in just a few short weeks with few resource commitments from the customer. Its a mature product with more than 50 different features and functions that is suitable for small organisations and large enterprises alike. There are over 220 installations around the world in companies ranging from less than a hundred employees through to ones with over a 100,000.

Content Formula is the sole UK partner for Wizdom Intranet. Content Formula (established 2005) is a SharePoint and Digital Workplace consultancy in London that designs and implements digital workplace solutions that are useful, useable, and well adopted by employees. We believe that the best solutions emerge from a blend of technical excellence, intuitive user experience, and sound user adoption strategy.

If you have any questions regarding the framework you can get in contact with us directly or arrange a demo

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